Art of ‘the troubles’ A neglected resource

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This selection of art inspired by 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland is presented in the hope of encouraging teachers to use such a resource to stimulate students and give them a deeper understanding of the nature of the conflict in N. Ireland.


By: helendonegal (99 month(s) ago)

I am an art teacher, teaching in Donegal, Ireland. Would I be able to down load your presentation on the art of the troubles.

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Nottingham Pilot Scheme ‘Ireland in Schools’ School of Education, U. of Nottingham Art of ‘the troubles’ A neglected resource for teaching Northern Ireland in secondary schools Ireland in Schools is a national educational network of volunteers aiming to make the study of Ireland a normal part of the curriculum in Britain, from primary schools to sixth-forms, by providing free teaching and learning resources.


Menu 1. The Marley Funeral by Rita Duffy, 1989, charcoal on paper 2. Martyr: ‘If you were to lick my heart’, by Graham Gingles, 1990, mixed media box 3. The Deciduous Ascendancy by Colin McCookin, 1900, oil on canvas 4. Portrait by Brian Maguire, 1984, acrylic on canvas 5. Roadside Assassination by Brian Maguire, 1983-84, acrylic on canvas 6. The Way Ahead (detail) by Brendan Ellis, 1990, oil on canvas 7. Key to the Primal Ground by Marie Foley, 1900, bog oak, metal, slate 8. Call to Arms (details) by Gerry Gleason, 1990, oil on canvas 9. Ulster Playground by Jack Pakenham, 1989, acrylic on canvas


The Marley Funeral Rita Duffy 1989 charcoal on paper At the funeral of IRA member Lawrence Marley, the RUC saturated the area and refused to allow the remains to leave the Marley home until the Irish tricolour was removed from the coffin.


Martyr: ‘If you were to lick my heart’ by Graham Gingles 1990 mixed media box His boxes ‘hang on the wall – they are silent, but not mute. They contain objects made from wood, glass, lead, slate, plaster, cardboard and paint. There are no obvious symbols or representations of the social, political or tribal grievances that have affected the province so deeply, but held in them is the knowledge of what it is to harbour memories through the troubles.’


The Deciduous Ascendancy Colin McGookin 1990 oil on canvas


Portrait Brian Maguire 1984 acrylic on canvas


Roadside Assassination Brian Maguire 1983-84 acrylic on canvas


The Way Ahead (detail) Brendan Ellis 1990 oil on canvas


Key to the Primal Ground Marie Foley 1990 bog oak, metal, slate


Call to Arms (detail) Gerry Gleason 1990 oil on canvas


Ulster Playground by Jack Pakenham, 1989, acrylic on canvas

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