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Proud mom moment! We challenged my 8 year old to make a powerpoint presentation with 3 facts about rabbits (she's been asking for one for so long). We're now going to surprise her after school next week!


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Rabbits :

Rabbits Fun Facts

1 - Rabbits Teeth Never stop growing:

1 - Rabbits Teeth Never stop growing Rabbits teeth never stop growing! This is why they must constantly graze to control growth.

2 – rabbits like company:

2 – rabbits like company Rabbits love company and spend lots of time with their families when in the wild in their rabbit runs.

3 – Rabbit hutches need predator proofing:

3 – Rabbit hutches need predator proofing Don ’ t always rely on the rabbit hutch you buy from a store. You might need to improve the wiring yourself if it looks weak!

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