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Southern Italy / Puglia

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Gallipoli Gallipoli is located in the province of Lecce in southern Italy. Known as the Ionian Pearl, the town has a spectacular setting on the west coast of the Salentina Peninsula, on the Ionian Sea. Split into two parts, the new town is the modern, commercial side of Gallipoli whilst the old town has a unique setting on a limestone island. A causeway dating from the 16th century connects the island to the mainland. The town is known for the many celebrations and festivals which take place throughout the year including the Santa Cristina celebrations in July, during which time the town is filled with market stalls, fireworks displays and parades. Attractions in Gallipoli (Italy) Whilst exploring the old town, the main attractions to be seen are, the Castello Aragonese, St Agatha Cathedral, made of local sandy coloured stone, and the Greek fountain dating from Roman times, whose facades are covered in reliefs depicting classical mythology. Nice trips! Ninna-nanna/Ghetonia: Song from Greek minority known as the "Griko" living in Southern Italy.

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