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Sustainable Sea???s?µ? T??assa : 

Sustainable Sea???s?µ? T??assa Marine creatures ?a ??a t?? ???assa?

Fish (????a - ????e?) : 

Fish (????a - ????e?)

T??ast??? (Mammals) : 

T??ast??? (Mammals) ? ?µ?ta??a t?? ???ast???? ?e??e?ta? ? p?? e?e???µ??? ?µ?ta??a t?? ?????? ßas??e??? ??at?: ????? a???µ??? ???µ?s??? ????? a?ept??µ??? ?e????? s?st?µa ? e???fa??? t??? ??e? µe???? µ??e??? ?a???s?????? e?e?d??e?s? se ??a ta ???a?a t???. Sea mammals are some of the largest creatures in the world today, as whales (the Blue Whale is the biggest creature that has ever lived in the world). Around our coast we have a variety of sea mammals which include whales, dolphins and seals. We also have a species of porpoise.

T??ast??? (Mammals) : 

T??ast??? (Mammals)

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??t?d? (Cetacea) ??t?d? =?e??st?a Ta??ss?a ???ast??? ?p?? ?e?f???a + F??a??e?) ???f??a ??t?d?: 1- Bowhead Whale; 2- Orca; 3- Right Whale; 4- Sperm Whale; 5- Narwhal; 6- Blue Whale; 7- Rorqual; 8- Beluga

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??t?d? (Cetacea)

Slide 8: 

Fa?a???pte??de?F??a??e? ?pa???e?(Rorquals) Rorquals are any of several baleen whales of the family Balaenopteridae having longitudinal grooves on the throat and a small, pointed dorsal fin. Also called razorback . The family includes the humpback whale, blue whale, Bryde’s whale, sei whale and minke whale..

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Rorqual (Humpback Whale)

Slide 10: 

Rorqual (Blue Whale)

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?e??? f??a??a(Belugas Whales) Scientific classification Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: CetaceaFamily: MonodontidaeGenus:DelphinapterusSpecies:D. leucas Binomial name:Delphinapterus leucas

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A Beluga in the shallow waters of the Vancouver Aquarium

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Slide 14: 

Sperm whales(F?s?t??e? f??a??e?)

Slide 15: 

Orca whales(????f???? f??a??e?)

Slide 16: 

Orca whales(????f???? f??a??e?)

Dolphin(?e?f???) : 

Dolphin(?e?f???) It is a sea mammal with a length of around 2.5 metres. The Dolphins are social creatures that are very rarely seen alone. They travel together in groups called 'schools' which may consist of ten dolphins or even hundreds of dolphins. They love riding on waves created by ships and they may even stay with a ship jumping and playing for several hours.

Dolphin (?e?f???) : 

Dolphin (?e?f???)

Porpoise(F??a??a) : 

Porpoise(F??a??a) ? f??a??a (Phocoena phocoena) e??a? ??a µ????s?µ? ?a? ?d?a?te?a "?t??pa??" ?d??t???t?de? (µ?s? µ???? 1,4 µ?t?a). ?a?a?t???st??? t?? e??a? ? ???e??? d?a???t?? ???????, a?t?st????? a?t?? t?? de?f?????. ? f??a??a ?e??e?t? ??t?de? e?afa??sµ??? ?d? ap? t?? pe?asµ??? a???a ap? ???????? t?? ?es??e??. ?a te?e?ta?a ?????a ?p?????? µ??? 5 pa?at???se?? f??a???? st?? ?es??e??, e? t?? ?p???? 4 ????a? st? ???e?? ???a??. The Porpoise is one of the smallest mammals of the sea, (nearly 2 metres in length and weight up to 90 kgr).  It has a blunt head and no distinct beak, a black or deep grey body on top and a light grey or white body below.  It has flippers at the side of its body and a triangular-shaped fin on its back.  This fin is called the ‘dorsal’ fin and is about twenty centimetres tall.

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Porpoise (F??a??a)

Seal(F???a) : 

Seal(F???a) Pinnipeds (from Latin pinna, wing or fin, and ped-, foot) or fin-footed mammals are a widely distributed and diverse group of semi-aquatic marine mammals comprising the families: Odobenidae (the walrus), Otariidae (eared seals, including sea lions and fur seals), and Phocidae (earless seals). An earless seal

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Elephant Seal : 

Elephant Seal

Sea lion (seal) : 

Sea lion (seal)

Sea lion family : 

Sea lion family

Eared Seal-Otariids(F???a Ota??a) : 

Eared Seal-Otariids(F???a Ota??a) The eared seals or otariids are marine mammals in the family Otariidae. Commonly known either as sea lions or fur seals, distinct from true seals (phocids) and the Walrus (odobenids). ???µ????ta? ?ta??e? ?ts? ap? t? µ???? a?t???, p?? ????? st? p??? t?? ?efa???? t???. ?p?s?? ? ?ta??a e??a? e?????t? ?a? s?????sµ??? st? ste???, a??? ? f???a e??a? p?? ßa??? ?a? d?s????t?. ?? f???e? ?a? ?? ?ta??e? ß?a????? st? ste??? ?????? ??a a?apa?a????.

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Walruses(Ta??ss??? ?pp??)

Molluscs(?a????a) : 


Molluscs(?a????a) : 


Molluscs(?a????a) : 


Shellfishes(?st?a?a) : 


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Shellfishes (?st?a?a)

Reptiles (??pet?) : 

Reptiles (??pet?) TURTLES (?e???e?)

Reptiles (??pet?) : 

Reptiles (??pet?) Crocodiles (?????de????)

MORE SouRces : 

MORE SouRces ViDeoS Dolphin play bubble ring Orca Beluga Whale is singing and A Walrus sits up and plays a Swiss Horn 1 fish, 2 fish, 3 mammal, 4 mammal, 5 mollusc, 6 mollusc, 7 shellfish, 8 shellfish 9 reptile T??ast??? ??t?d? The Sea Music: Until the last moment by Yanni ?????aµµa ?e??ßa????t???? ??pa?de?s?? - eTwinning 3o G?? ???S F??????F???S «?????S ?????????S»

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