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eTwinning programmeSustainable Sea : 

eTwinning programmeSustainable Sea THANOS KAPSALIS – KOSTAS GALATIANOSMusic: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Participants : 

Participants Ancona, Italy Arucas las Palmas, Spain Athens, Greece Buzau, Romania Bydgoszcz, Poland Whyalla South, Australia Kranj, Slovenia Solikamsk, Russia Federation Umea, Sweden Zamora, Spain

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Ancona, Italy This is the water of the Adriatic Sea on the Portonovo Bay

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The port of Ancona, the water is quite polluted Ancona, Italy

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Falconara, Ancona Ancona, Italy

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“Cantonera”, a typical local device to distribute water among farmers Arucas las Palmas, Spain

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“Las Salinas”, the traditional sea salt mines Arucas las Palmas, Spain

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“El Puertillo”, the ideal place to relax Arucas las Palmas, Spain

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Athens, Greece Kifissos is the longest river in Athens

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Kifissos was the river God who presided over the largest river of the Athenian plain. Athens, Greece

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Kifissos runs down to the Mediterranean Sea Athens, Greece

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The Black Sea is an inland sea Buzau, Romania

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The Buzau River is a river in eastern Romania, tributary of the Siret River. Buzau, Romania

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The Danube Delta is the second largest delta in Europe Buzau, Romania

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Bydgoszcz, Poland Vistula is one of the most important and the longest rivers in Poland at 1,047 km in length

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Bydgoszcz, Poland River View

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Bydgoszcz, Poland River View

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Whyalla South, Australia Whyalla Marina, a popular spot to catch playful dolphins in action.

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Fitzgerald Bay Whyalla South, Australia

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Point Lowly Whyalla South, Australia

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This river is named Sora and takes place in surroundings of Kranj Kranj, Slovenia

Slide 22: 

Alps surroundings Kranj, Slovenia

Slide 23: 

A small piece of Adriatic Sea Kranj, Slovenia

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Solikamsk, Russian Federation Caspian Sea

Slide 25: 

Usolka river Solikamsk, Russian Federation

Slide 26: 

Kama river Solikamsk, Russian Federation

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Umea ,Sweden The Gulf of Bothnia

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The Umeå river Umea ,Sweden

Slide 29: 

A small lake Umea ,Sweden

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Zamora, Spain Romanesque bridge

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The River Duero, and at the top Zamora´s Romanic Cathedral whose dome is a true symbol of the whole city Zamora, Spain

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“Aceñas de Olivares”, three old water wheels, nowadays used to represent the traditional trades related to metallurgy, textile and flour industries Zamora, Spain

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