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This work was composed in the framework of the environmental programme Kifissos: Our River by students of 3rd Upper Secondary School "MILTOS KOUNTOURAS" during the school year 2009-2010. Sources: ΦΔΑΚ (


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??f?s??: t? p?t?µ? µa?

Slide 2: 

?? p?µe p?s? st?? a??a?a ????da, ?? ??t????? t?? a??a?a? ????a? e????µ??e? st? f?s? p?? t??? ????se t? ?µ??f? a?t? p?t?µ?, t?? ??f?s?, p??? ???? t?? e?f???? ped??da?, t? ?e?p???sa?.

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?? ??a?µa t?? ?e?? ??f?s?? ß??s??ta? st? d?t??? a?t?µa t?? ?a??e???a. S?µe?a e??a? st? ??eta???? ???se??.

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? ?????p?? de s?ßeta? t? f?s?, ?????a t??a…

Slide 16: 

???a??ete? a?epa?????ta ?? epa?e???µ??a…

Slide 17: 

?????????? S??? ??F?SS?

Slide 42: 

???????S ???????S??S

Slide 49: 

??T????S??S ????G??F?????...

Slide 82: 

??G??O????S ???S??S ???S??S??S

Slide 103: 

FO??G??F??? ?????

Slide 110: 

FO??G??F??? ?????

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