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Muguet de MaiLis des valléesLily of the Valley in France ... May 1st, 2009 andDaisies - Poppiesin Greece

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In Belgium and France is a tradition to offer a little muguet (lily of the valley) to family and friends the first day of May. It means Good Luck.

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C'est une tradition immuable, on offre du muguet le 1er mai et cela porte bonheur.

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Un des premiers brun de muguet.

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Je vous offre un brin de muguet pour le 1er.Mai.

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Bonne Fête du Premier Mai / Bonne Fête du Muguet.

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Bouquet de Muguet

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Bonne Fête du Premier Mai / Bonne Fête du Muguet.

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Muguet porte bonheur!

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A lovely custom in France is to give Lilly of the Valley on the 1st of May as a token of luck and happiness and this is my wish for all of you. Je vous souhaite, beaucoup de bonheur le 1er Mai!!!!

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Lea et Muguet

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Chios island

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In Greece the children make the wreath on May 1st, and burn it on a bonfire on June, 23rd evening

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May 1st a floral wreath in Santorini

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May 1st a floral wreath in Athens

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May 1st in Thira island

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May 1st in Lindos/Rhodes island

Slide 21: 

May 1st in Greece

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May 1st in Greek fields

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May 1st in Philopappou Hill

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May 1st by the sea.

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May 1st in Aigina island

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May 1st in Delfi stadium

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May 1st in Nafplio.

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May 1st in Rhodes.

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May 1st in Rhodes.

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?a?? ???t?µa???! ?a?? µ??a! Music: Nightwish-Eclipse

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