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1 View of Athens at the time of Otto (19th century)

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2 View of Athens from Philopappus Hill William Pars (1742-1782)

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3 The Tzisdaraki's mosque (Kato Sindrivani mosque), 1759 by H. C. Stilling

Slide 4: 

4 View of the Marketplace in Athens, Edward Dodwell 1801-06

Slide 5: 

5 Parthenon west side 1818 by J. H. Koch

Slide 6: 

6 The Temple of Hephaistos, 1819 by J. H. Koch

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7 Athens view from the olive-grove, William Page 1820

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8 View of Athens from Philopappus Hill Richard Banks Harraden 1820

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9 Acropolis and the theatre of Herodus Attikus by William Purser 1818-20

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10 The Mesogeitiki (leading to Mesogeia) gate of the Haseki Wall. In the background the Boubounistra fountain

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11 Adrian gate and the colomns of Olympus Zeus H. C. Hansen 1833

Slide 12: 

12 Athenian coffee house 1833-1838 L. Kollnberger

Slide 13: 

13 Piraeus port, 1834 by Chr. Hansen

Slide 14: 

14 Othon, King of Greece in front of Thession, Athens 1834

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15 The interior of the coffee-house of Nic. Vouyoukas in Athens by M. Rorbye1835

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16 The market place in Athens with prison tower (19th century)

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17 A road in Athens, 1835 by H. C. Stilling

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18 Restoration work on the Propylaea 1835 M. Rorbye

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19 The travelers were impressed with the Athenian landscape View of Athens with the temple of Hephaistos 1836 by M. Rorbye

Slide 20: 

20 Acropolis south-west side view, by H. C. Stilling

Slide 21: 

21 Acropolis, by H. C. Stilling

Slide 22: 

22 East section of the temple of Hephaistos, Thesseion with the status of Nike from Megara by H. C. Stilling

Slide 23: 

23 West front of the Erechtheion by H. C. Stilling

Slide 24: 

24 Partial view of the ruins of the Parthenon by H. C. Stilling

Slide 25: 

25 Propylaea H. C. Stilling

Slide 26: 

26 The well near the Aerides Monument, 1836 M. Rorbye

Slide 27: 

27 The temple of Olympus Zeus, 1836 by M. Rorbye

Slide 28: 

28 The Akropolis of Athens from the east side, 1836 H. C. Stilling

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29 Athens view, 1836 H.C. Hansen

Slide 30: 

30 General view of Acropolis H.C. Hansen 1836

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31 The travelers were impressed with the Athenian landscape, Athens 1840

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32 Piraeus port view (1842)

Slide 33: 

33 Piraeus

Slide 34: 

34 The Temple of Nike Apteros, exterior and ground, plan by Chr. Hansen

Slide 35: 

35 The University of Athens, designed by Christian Hansen

Slide 36: 

36 The University of Athens, by architect Chr. Hansen

Slide 37: 

37 National Library of Athens sponsored by Valanos Brothers

Slide 38: 

38 Eye-clinic in Athens (designed by C. Hansen)

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39 Olive-grove in Athens, H. C. Hansen

Slide 40: 

40 The temple Hephaistos (Thisseion) with Saint Georges's church, H.C. Hansen

Slide 41: 

41 Arios Pagos view, Thomas-Hartley Cromek 1846

Slide 42: 

42 Reconstruction of the monument of Lysicrates, Athens1846 T. Hansen

Slide 43: 

43 Southwest side of Erehtheio by H. C. Hansen

Slide 44: 

44 Parthenon south side with the mosque built inside the ancient temple by H.C. Hansen

Slide 45: 

45 Acropolis west side view 1851, by L. A. Winstrup

Slide 46: 

46 West side of Parthenon 1853 H. C. Stilling

Slide 47: 

47 Academy of Athens (1859), Initial plans by architect Chr. Hansen

Slide 48: 

48 Queen Amalia: Her dress became later the national dress for Greek women

Slide 49: 

49 Queen Amalia and King Otto of Greece

Slide 50: 

50 Orthon and Amalia, the royal couple of Greece

Slide 51: 

51 Two sides of the coin of 20 drachas, designed by Feud (1833)

Slide 52: 

52 A greek couple, by John Linton 1860

Slide 53: 

53 Athens Thisseion, by John Fulleylove 1895 (British painter)

Slide 54: 

54 Syntagma square in Athens

Slide 55: 

55 Bibliography Cd-rom “Hans Christian Andersen: A month in Greece”, which is part of the project “Let us know us face to face and via Inetrnet-Athens, classic and illustrated”. This project created from October '97 to May 1999 by the students (Computer Branch) of E.P.L. Neas Filadelfias “Miltos Kountouras” in the framework of of Mobility Programme Action III / Greek Ministry of Education. ?dition: ?KDOTIKI ATHINON HISTORY OF THE GREEK NATION NATIONAL GALLERY THE GREEK REVOLUTION ?USEUM BENAKI ?????????S ??????S ??S ??????S CULTURAL CENTRE OF THE ATHENS MUNICIPALITY ?T??? 1818-1853 ??G? ???O? ?????????O? MYRTO GEORGIOU- NILSEN PATAKIS S.A. ANDERSEN'S GREECE MYRTO GEORGIOU- NILSEN - ??STANIOTIS ONCE UPON ATIME THERE WAS AN ANDERSEN

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