Scheduling Patients - Polyclinics

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Scheduling Patients - Polyclinics


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمIn the Name of God the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful : 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمIn the Name of God the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful

Scheduling Patients : 

Scheduling Patients Asaad Ali Rayes, eHealth Manager Polyclinics Project Patients Affairs Team

Project Overview : 

Project Overview

Patients Affairs Team : 

Patients Affairs Team Asaad Ali Rayes Khalf Al-Shammari Maha Al-Enazi

Goal : 

Goal To schedule KFSHRC’s follow-up patients: selected patients who need routine follow-up who can be treated in the Regional Center. Not less than 10 patients per clinic

Polyclinics 1431 - 2010 : 

Polyclinics 1431 - 2010 Number of: Clinics ( 49 ) excluding Najran and Tabouk Hospitals ( 8 ) Madina, Buraida, Hail, Baha, Hufouf, Jazan. Tabouk and Najran.

Means of Targeting Patients: : 

Means of Targeting Patients: SMS – After sorting the real active patients General Medical committees - GMCs Regional Hospitals KFSHRC: Physicians Nursing Medical Eligibility

Patients’ Information (Data Base) : 

Patients’ Information (Data Base) A system wherein below reports can be generated at any time:  Outpatient future clinic appointments. Updated patient’s information.

Sorting Patients : 

Sorting Patients

After Scheduling Patients : 

After Scheduling Patients Informing Calling SMS Reminding Calling SMS Appointments Missed Rescheduling Cancelling

Dealing with Scheduled Appointments : 

Dealing with Scheduled Appointments Missed ( 3 consecutive no show will close the patient’s chart automatically) Rescheduled Cancelled Add on

Missed Appointments : 

Missed Appointments All missed appointments are to be rescheduled in the next polyclinics SMS Calling

Scheduling by Administration : 

Scheduling by Administration Follow-up NP NF

What is Required from Medical Records : 

What is Required from Medical Records Copies of the last visits ICIS Appointments Schedule (To be treated as any regular outpatient clinic) Places in the automated medical records RCO system To place regional progress notes in the patients’ chars To be returned by family medicine nursing

Automated Patients Chart Copies System : 

Automated Patients Chart Copies System

Statistics : 


Periodical Statistical Reports : 

Periodical Statistical Reports Monthly Quarterly Med-year Yearly

Periodical Statistical Reports : 

Periodical Statistical Reports Seen No show Cancelled

Automated Evaluations System : 

Automated Evaluations System Family Medicine Physicians Patients Affairs Team Patients Regional Hospitals Administration

Appreciation : 

Appreciation Sending apperception SMS messages to the seen patients and informing them of any update

Technical Issues : 

Technical Issues

Preventive Maintenance : 

Preventive Maintenance Types of Maintenance Hardware , Software, Applications & Network Medical Equipment PCS Printers IP Phone RSA Videoconference Regional (DSL) Backup

Leave Coverage : 

Leave Coverage Patients Affairs Team

RCO Teams’ Relationship : 

RCO Teams’ Relationship Patients Affairs Team Logistics & Media Team

Project Status Report : 

Project Status Report Project Manager should communicate regularly to stakeholders, informing them of the current status of the project and managing future expectations. If these key people are not kept well informed of the project progress, there is a greater likelihood of problems stemming from differing levels of expectations. In fact, in many cases where conflicts arise, it is not because of the actual problem, but because a customer or stakeholder was surprised. The status report, along with status meetings and other proactive communication, should ensure that there are no surprises.

Thanks and Regards : 

Thanks and Regards

The Text of the Last SMS Message sent to Qassim area : 

The Text of the Last SMS Message sent to Qassim area سيكون موعد عقد عيادة مستشفى الملك فيصل التخصصي الشاملة القادمة بمستشفى الملك فهد التخصصي ببريدة الثلاثاء 18 صفر 1431 هـ - الموافق 2-2- 2010م لمن يرغب تحديد موعد الاتصال063252000 تحويله 1213

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