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Killer presentations - Steve Jobs way:

Killer presentations - Steve Jobs way Apple Inc’s charismatic co-founder & CEO, Steve Jobs is well known for his electrifying Presentations across the globe. Let us learn from his Perspective on the Art of making Killer Presentations…

Perspective 1 : Sell the Benefit…:

Perspective 1 : Sell the Benefit… Jobs sells the benefit, the features, the end user experience and not just mind numbing statistics. E.g. : To exhibit the compact & sleek design of iPod, Jobs actually puts this gizmo in his smaller pocket and reveals the benefit…

Perspective 2 : Practice, Practice & Practice More…:

Perspective 2 : Practice, Practice & Practice More… Jobs leaves nothing for granted during product launches, he reviews & rehearses relentlessly. It is not unusual for him to prepare for four hours as he reviews every slide and demonstration meticulously. Perfect Practice makes a man Perfect…

Perspective 3 : Keep it Visual…:

Perspective 3 : Keep it Visual… There are very few bullet points in Jobs presentation. Each of his slide is highly visual and he uses a lot of images to demonstrate or set his context. For e.g.: If he’s discussing about his latest inventions say iPhone, a slide in the background will show a colorful image of the iPhone itself. A Picture worth a thousand words…

Perspective 4 : Exude Passion, Energy & Enthusiasm:

Perspective 4 : Exude Passion, Energy & Enthusiasm Jobs have an infectious enthusiasm. When launching his new video iPod, Jobs said with all energy, “It’s the best music player we’ve made”, “It has a gorgeous screen” “The color is fantastic,” and “The Video quality is amazing.” It reflects Jobs passion & commitment to innovate & improve incessantly.

Perspective 5 : And One last thing…:

Perspective 5 : And One last thing… At the end of the presentation Jobs adds to the drama by saying, “and one last thing…” He then adds a new product, new feature, or sometimes introduces a new band. He approaches each presentation as an event, a production with a strong opening, product demonstrations in the middle, a strong conclusion, and an encore – that “One Last Thing…”

Thank s… By Mehul Bhuva Software Professional:

Thank s… By Mehul Bhuva Software Professional

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