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FREEMASONS’TREASURE HUNT - 2010 A Lodge Keys Family Activity Being organised for third year in a row

When & Where : 

When & Where Sunday June 20, 2010 7:30 AM, Breakfast St. John’s Freemasons Hall, Secunderabad

Lodge Keys No.297The Organisers : 

Lodge Keys No.297The Organisers Lodge Keys No.297 is a Hyderabad based primary unit of Freemasonry, a 3000 years old, one of the oldest secular fraternal society spread across the globe. All for One. One for All. Madhusudhan Bojja Worshipful Master Project Coordinators: P. Veerabhadrudu J. Sampath Kumar

What is Treasure Hunt : 

The Treasure Hunt is a non-profit, annual social event of Lodge Keys No. 297 Basically, it is driving around the town for 2/3 hours on a Sunday morning finding clues and solving puzzles. Starts with breakfast, Fellows(h)ip/Lunch/ Party and Award ceremony. What is Treasure Hunt

What is Treasure Hunt : 

What is Treasure Hunt A treasure hunt is one of many different types of games to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues. This is a fictional activity. This is a fun activity coducted outdoor traveling in your own car in your own city. The game tests the participants' speed of solving clues (and not speed of the car), intelligence and comprehensive skills. It consists of various teams which compete against each other in search of a treasure. At each stage they are provided with a clue and it is only after they figure it out, that they proceed to the next level which consequently leads them to the final clue in the end. It's just not the interpretation which is important but what makes you a winner is solving clues.

Have Fun… : 

Have Fun… Discover the pleasure of travel Have a family jolly ride in your own car and in your own city Solve the clues Win the prizes An excellent get-together event with fun and frolic Family Entertainment. The family that entertains together is the family that stays together. A uniquely challenging and fun day for all the family.

What Happens During a Hunt? : 

What Happens During a Hunt? Teams meet at 7:30 AM @ St. John’s Freemasons Hall, Opp. YWCA, Secunderabad At 8 AM, all teams get their clues. Flag-off at St. John’s Masonic Temple. Upon solving one clue proceed to another clue. Team must get an endorsement from our volunteers/Marshals at the clue site to prove they were there. At the next location there will be another clue to solve. 10 clues later teams will reach the closing venue for the final ceremony. It will conclude at Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building, Goshamahal. Team with best time and which solves maximum number of clues correctly wins.

Slide 8: 

Built in 1684 by Sultan Abdul Hassan, the last King of Qutub Shahi Dynasty. Emperor Aurangazeb coronated his son – Shah Alam in this building, when he sent him to complete the conquest of Southern India. For over two years this building was the headquarters of the Moghuls in the Deccan. Presently there are only two monuments of the Deccani Style of Architecture besides this building and they are Charminar and Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs. Freemasons of the Twin cities to whose care this building was entrusted by the Nizam in 1933. Historical Importance of the Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building

When Trying to Solve Clues... : 

When Trying to Solve Clues... Navigator/co-passengers will look for clues. No tele-contact with other participants allowed. If done so, it is unfair and goes against the spirit of the game. Don’t tip off other teams with the solution/s. Study the clues well, discuss with your team.

Snapshots – 2008 Event : 

Snapshots – 2008 Event

Lodge Keys Team : 

Lodge Keys Team

Snapshots – 2009 Event : 

Snapshots – 2009 Event

Lodge Keys Team : 

Lodge Keys Team

Sponsors of our earlier event/s : 

Sponsors of our earlier event/s The Country Club Sakshi Daily SSN Construction Singer India Ltd. SIP Academy Reflections Spa Red Rose Home Industries Sreepathi Pharmaceuticals Ltd Brother International (India) Ltd. Dadu’s Mithai Vatika

Media on Treasure Hunt : 

Media on Treasure Hunt Our earlier events were widely reported in media including the following

Procedure for Participation : 

Procedure for Participation By donor pass Rs.1000/- for two adults and two children For entry passes contact: P. Veerabadrudu, Mobile: 9391039047 J. Sampath Kumar, Mobile:9246377078

Slide 17: 

Sponsorship Options Sole Sponsorship Rs.60,000/- Returns: Posters, Backdrop, Entrance Arch at Starting Point and Culmination Point. Display of Products, Sampling and Literature Distribution. Co-Sponsorship Three co-sponsors – Rs.30,000/- each Posters, Backdrop, Display of Products, Sampling and Literature Distribution. Prize Sponsorship 1st Prize value Rs.25,000/- 2nd Prize value Rs.15,000/-(Already sponsored by Brother Intl (India) Ltd) 3rd Prize value Rs.10,000/- How you can associate with the event

Slide 18: 

You can sponsor either one / some / all of the following prizes: A Special and uncommon colour of the car – Prize worth Rs.2500/- Early Bird Prize at Starting Point – Prize worth Rs.1000/- --- (by lot, in case of more than one) Fancy Number Car – Prize worth Rs.1000/- Senior Citizen’s Car - Prize worth Rs.1000/- All Ladies Car - Prize worth Rs.1000/- Classic Car - Prize worth Rs.1000/- Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship Options : 

Sponsorship Options We are open to any other sponsorship ideas that suit your organisation. We welcome such proposals too

FAQs : 

FAQs How do I register for this pleasure event Treasure Hunt? Contact Project Coordinators (Numbers given in one of the slides of this PPT). What is the registration Fee? 1000/- for two adults and two children. How do we pay? Pay by cash or cheque drawn in favour of “Lodge Keys No.297” Who can participate? All adults with valid driving license What are the benefits of participation? Already mentioned in one of the slides of this presentation. Do you have any experience in organising this event? This event is being organised successfully for the third time in a row. Following are the most frequently asked questions. We hope that these are able to resolve your query. For further enquiry or information, feel free to contact Project Chairman

Slide 21: 

Why should we participate in the event? It is a fun and frolic family activity. Provides excitement, fun, party and prizes. Besides fun you will be contributing for charitable causes. What is Freemasonry? Refer one of the slides in this presentation for more information. What is Treasure Hunt? Refer one of the slides in this presentation for more information. Is it a car racing event? No. It is not. It’s a fun and frolic family activity. What Will Happen during the Treasure Hunt? Refer one of the slide in this presentation for more information. How Do We Prepare for the Treasure Hunt? Register in advance. Reach the venue well in time to participate in the event. That’s all. FAQs

Contact : 

Contact Project Coordinators: P. Veerabadrudu Dhanalakshmi Enterprizes, Adj. Telephone Bhavan, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad – 500004. Mobile: 9391039047 Email: J. Sampath Kumar SIP Academy, Plot No. 4/1, 1st Floor, Bhagwannagar Colony, West Marredpally, Secunderabad – 500026. Mobile:9246377078 Email:

More Information : 

More Information Visit following websites: To know more about Lodge Keys No.297 - To know more about Freemasonry in India visit the website of Grand Lodge of India -

About Freemasonry : 

About Freemasonry Freemasonry exists in India for over 250 years and in Andhra Pradesh for 200 years. It has over one and half crore members globally across 150 countries, 18000 all over India and 1500 in Andhra Pradesh. Its primary unit of organisation is called a ‘Lodge.’ There are 360 lodges (primary units) in India functioning under the Charter of Grand Lodge of India. In Andhra Pradesh there are around 30 number of lodges in places such as the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, Warangal, Kurnool, Vijayawada, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Anakapally, Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam and Vizianagaram.

Slide 25: 

Well known Freemasons GLOBALLY Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythogoras, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Clive Lloyd, and almost all Presidents of United States of America IN INDIA Swami Vivekananda, Former Presidents Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Fakruddin Ali Ahmed, C. Rajagopala Chary, Motilal Nehru, Madhav Rao Scindia, Nawab of Pataudi, Some well known members of Freemasonry: LOCALLY Nawab Sir Salar Jung Bahadur and Maharaja Sir Kishen Pershad (Both Prime Ministers of the State of Hyderabad), Maharaja of Vijayanagaram, Sir Terrence Keyes (The British Resident), Raja Venkata Ram Reddy, Ashoka Gajapati Raju, Ch. Ramoji Rao, Dr. K. Anji Reddy, IAS Officer Jannat Hussain, Police Officer A.K. Khan and many Judges of High Court of Andhra Pradesh

Masonic Charities : 

Masonic Charities Charity is one of the three fundamental principles on which Freemasonry is based. The other two being Friendship and Integrity. Freemasons generally do not talk about charities nor prefer to get publicity out of it. Masonry in service of mankind include 1. Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy Hospital, Bombay 2. Presidency College, Madras 3. Rehabilitation Buildings Construction at Tsunami affected Kanyakumari. 4. Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building Committee does lot of Women empowering programs. 5. The Sixteen Lodges (primary units of Freemasonry) do lot of charity activities year after year.

Freemasons’ Contribution : 

Freemasons’ Contribution The Statue of Liberty in New York, USA was a Freemason’s gift to America. Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of Penicillin is a Mason. Similarly Edward Jenner, the one who invented vaccination; Simon Lake, who invented first practical Submarine; etc are Freemasons. A worldwide survey revealed that over 800 Freemasons appear on Postage Stamps. And many more…..

Remember… : 

Remember… It is not a racing event. Safety is of utmost importance. Drive carefully. Reach safely. Follow traffic rules. Don’t be in a hurry and be accident prone. Don’t drive as if you own the road. Drive as if you own the car. All team members are advised to wear seatbelts. Drive Carefully but… HAVE FUN!!!

Slide 29: 

The STOP line is for you to stop behind it and not 10 feet after. Respect the traffic light. Stop if the light is amber and it is about to change to red rather than making a desperate dash to get to the other side. The Zebra crossing is for the pedestrians to cross the road and for the vehicles to stop and it is not the other way around. Consider the other vehicles on the road. Understand that even they too have as much right to be on that road as you do. One must move his vehicle only AFTER the timer has reached zero and/or the lights have turned green and not inch his way across the signal after having verified that there are no policemen in sight. And most importantly, drive with common sense.



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