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Before synthetic dyes, it was all about dyes from plants, minerals and animal extracts. Make sure the dye you're using is non-toxic and eco-friendly. You're sure the industrial laundry dyes and shop towel dyes from Keycolour are safe for you and the environment


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Did you know that scientists first discovered how to use synthetic dyes in 1856?

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Before that time, textiles and fabrics were dyed naturally from plant, mineral, and animal extracts. It was an art form that was not meant for the general public, but only for a select few. The most stunning and captivating pigments were reserved for those who belonged to the right class or had a high social status.

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After synthetic dyes were created, fabrics in different colors were now available to all and the use of natural dyes were limited to a few applications. The downside to this, however, is that some synthetic dyes are harmful to the environment and the people who use it, so make sure you choose ones that are non-toxic and are nature-friendly!

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About Us Keycolour   is a US manufacturer and distributor  of industrial dyes for the textile industry as well as many other industries. We’re based in Phoenix, Arizona . We’ve been in business for 20 years  and our staff combines 100 years of experience in the dye industry. When you call, we listen to your needs and we suggest solutions . We save you money  by helping you get the maximum amount of use out of all your textiles, mats…even stucco and concrete . Our industrial dyes can breathe new life  into a worn-out yellow hospitality towel by transforming it into a red car wash towel…and then into a blue auto shop towel . We’ve helped prisons like Chuckawalla Valley State color-code jumpsuits to match differing levels of security risks. It worked so well that they handed over hundreds of unusable mustard-colored jumpsuits—and we turned them orange just like they wanted . All our products are manufactured and packaged in the USA , and designed to save you money over buying new textiles or other items .

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