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Hi everyone, Hmmm..... 2day is a special day for me bcoz its my sweet n adorable sister’s b’day and I wanted to make this tiny show for her & I hope she likes it…?

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You are a special part of our life. We want to thank you for allowing us to tell you how special you are to us.. You deserve all the happiness that comes your way today and every day.All our love forever n more

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A wish for magical moments & memories to last a lifetime

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Hope your b’day is a special celebration of all that means the most to you.....

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We wish you laughter and we wish you joy,.. we wish you lasting friendship, true love & precious memories... We wish you happy ending and great beginnings... And the kind of stories you’ll love to share.. We wish you everything happy on your b’day and Always...

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Happy birthday to you, this is your day.On this day for you were gonna love you in every way.This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you, to you, to you.Happy birthday to you, youre still young.Age is just a number, dont you stop having fun.This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you.This day only comes once every year,Because youre so wonderful with each and everything you do, hey!Happy birthday to you, this is your day.On this day for you were gonna love you in every way.This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you, to you.This day is only for you, cause youre so special in every way,Happy birthday to you!

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It’s hard to put into words The things We want to say To tell you just how special You are to us each and every day We want you to know What a joy it is to be Related to a person Who means so much to us . ? Happy Birthday Baby......

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Here are the 5 things We’d really like to give you for your b’day 1.The gift of the best year you have ever had 2.A path that leads to your favourite dreams 3.Encouragement always by your side; everywhere you go and in everything you do 4. More than just minutes in the day: We want you to have moments in time – when your joys are complete and Your wishing stars shine as bright as they have ever been 5. And last, but definitely not least; the gift of knowing that it’s special people like you who make the joys of life so sweet.....

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Love you today n always..... Happy B’day Sweetheart......

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Sending a little magic your way, so that all your b’day wishes are sure to come true Chand ko chandni mubarak Suraj ko roshni mubarak Tujhko meri Jaan Janamdin Dil Se Mubarak!!

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Happy b’day from all of us.. May all your wishes come true....coz no one else in the whole wide world deserve it more than you...

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