The Professional Journey of Kevin Bratch


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Kevin Bratch’s first foray into achievements began when he got a real estate license in 2005 and started helping many clients buying, selling, and investing in real estate.


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The Professional Journey of Kevin Bratch:

The Professional Journey of Kevin Bratch


Born on the 12th April 1980 in Surrey British Columbia, Canada, Kevin Bratch ’s professional career has been filled with many ups and downs throughout the Real Estate sector. Kevin’s passion for Real Estate as an investment vehicle and the many wonderful benefits Real Estate offers such as financial freedom is what has kept Kevin in the space throughout all these years .


Kevin Bratch first began working as a laborer for this family Masonry company in 1995. Working along side his Dad in his Masonry Company he did all sorts of tasks such as clean up and assistant work for brick and block masons. It was during this tenure that he learned a lot about how a business operates, various risks involved in business ownership and becoming an entrepreneur.


Thereafter, in 2003, he started a company with his Dad’s help that would construct and build single-family homes. From planning to constructing to finishing a home for sale, he learned to undertake major responsibilities. Working as a builder from 2003-2008, Kevin Bratch gained vast knowledge of what quality and products go into the construction of a home. This business provided Kevin Bratch with a lot of knowledge on how real estate is constructed and what an end customer looks for in quality and a finished product .


Kevin Bratch’s first foray into achievements began when he got a real estate license in 2005 and started helping many clients buying, selling, and investing in real estate. Gaining a lot of experience as a Realtor, he opened a real estate brokerage in 2010 where he hired other agents to offer services to his clientele. Working as a Realtor Kevin Bratch learned a lot about customer service, networking and most importantly sales.


Since 2012 Kevin Bratch has also worked in the mortgage brokering industry which has provided him with the useful knowledge of how financing real estate deals operate. He has been assisting clients in obtaining financing for their real estate purchases and also learning all the different financing options that are available to real estate investors. Kevin Bratch set up a Mortgage Investment Corporation along with some partners which helped him to understand the investing side of real estate lending. This knowledge in the real estate financing space has been very useful for all of Kevin’s business endeavors.


As Kevin Bratch gained more knowledge and understanding in the Real Estate space he began investing in Real Estate properties himself. Investing in Real Estate gave Kevin Bratch firsthand experience into the financial aspect of the Real Estate industry because he now was investing his own hard earned money. He has been actively investing in real estate for 10 years now. Besides investing in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, he has now started investing in the Washington and few other states in the USA too.


Kevin Bratch has been in the Real Estate industry in some fashion for many many years. His professional journey is a testament to the fact that if someone finds something they are passionate about they will explore and work in many positions within that passion. Kevin Bratch truly believes that Real Estate is the best financial vehicle to provide financial freedom for anyone despite their experience or education. Investing in real estate holds no biases and the entry into this world can be a lot easier than one thinks .

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