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Today, more and more businesses adopt tech items for their first choice as corporate gifts and promotional products. Promotional Power Banks custom printed with companies’ logos and messages becomes the Top one seller since 2015 and millions of units were shipped to North American market from us.


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The Ultimate Power Bank Shopping Guide Smartphones and tablets act like small-sized computers. From necessary tasks like calling people and checking emails to browsing the internet watching your favorite tv shows taking selfies to re-tweeting on your Twitter profile checking Facebook 5 times a day to locating the best places for dinner and finding out the weather of Paris our mini computers are our constant companions in everything in life today. That is why the battery dying on your phone or tablet seems like such a catastrophic incident. This issue can be easily taken care of with a personalized power bank – a portable battery charger. But choosing branded power banks for your battery charging needs isn’t easy as there are a plethora of brands and types in the market which makes it a tad confusing for anyone. We have charted out a list of tips on choosing the best external battery pack suited to your needs. 1. Know Your Phone or Tablet’s Battery Capacity Before you shop for a battery bank find out the battery capacity of your tablet and/or smartphone. You can search for the battery capacity unit on either its packaging or in the retail box of your battery. For lazy people – googling is also a good option. For example the Apple iPhone 6 has 1810mAh unit of battery capacity. 2. Get a Power Bank that has a Super High Battery Capacity If you have a tablet with a battery capacity of 1500mAh then buy yourself an external battery pack with at least 2000mAh. It is simple – the higher the battery capacity of your power bank the more devices you can charge with it without recharging the power bank itself.

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3. Check for Charger Specifications Of Your Phone/Tablet The output voltage and the output current are both details that you should find out before shopping for a power bank. You can easily find the charger specifications on the package of your device. 4. Shop for a Power Bank With the Same Or Higher Voltage Or Current Smartphones and tablets typically draw either 1 Ampere or 2.1 Ampere current so go for a portablebattery charger that has both ports – for 1A and 2.1A. 5. Know the Number of Devices You Need to Charge If you are carrying multiple devices daily and might need to charge all of them get a power bank with much higher capacity and multiple ports for simultaneous charging. 6. The LED Indicator This is a necessary feature for avoiding overcharging your phone or tablet and even from overcharging the power bank itself. LED notification lights let you know when any device you’re charging with it or your power bank itself is 100 charged and when they need to be re-charged 7. Brand or No Brand Never go for cheap quality battery packs or buy from no-name brands as batteries can explode and damage your device. Only buy a branded one with reputable vendors who might even mention the source of the batteries on the packaging of the battery pack.

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