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Harry Coumnas a Veteran Government Official Claims That the Government Has Collaboration with Extra Terrestrial Beings


Harry Coumnas claims that the US government tries and hides about the existence of extra terrestrial beings. It is said that the government officials are in communication and collaboration with the aliens and further that some of these theories claim that the governments are explicitly allowing alien abduction. According to a survey report, it is found that 76% of the people feel that the government was not revealing what they know about the UFOs and 54% think that UFOs defiantly exists.


Harry Coumnas publically claimed that the UFO evidence is being suppressed by the top authorities. In the year 1947, there was news that a flying disk has been discovered near New Mexico. This news was quickly taken down and officials stated that it was a hot air balloon that was misidentified. Soon, the case faded away and people forgot. But there have been speculations that an alien spacecraft did indeed crash near New Mexico despite the official denial.


Few months later, a photographer had photographed an unusual object over Arizona. The photos appeared in a newspaper and a few other publications. An FBI agent and an Army Air Force intelligence officer interviewed the anonymous photographer, convinced him to surrender the negatives, which he did the next day. He was informed he wouldn't be getting them back, but later he tried, unsuccessfully, to retrieve them. The photos were analyzed and subsequently appeared in some classified Air Force UFO intelligence reports. Harry Coumnas is still trying to find evidence to prove the mentioned incidences, but is facing threats to take back his claims.


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