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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEAKING AND PRESENTATION

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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar LISTEN AND SPEAKING Types of Listening Complete Listening Partial Listening Hearing (But thingking as Listening) Listening Habits and Errors Listening with Speaking Listening with Thinking Listening with Dreaming Speaking Speaking not Knowingly Speaking Randomly Speaking without Clarity

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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar QUALITIES OF SPEAKING Clear & Understanding Words Distinct Speech is the Essence of a Good Speaking Spoken Words should be Understandable Understanding What is to be Delivered Clear about the Subject and Matter to be Delivered Keeping it Simple Just Simple Words Just Short Statements Just Simple Language

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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar KNOW THE AUDIENCE Person or Group While Speaking this is the most important factore, i.e. to know the Audience Speaking Personally Personal Speaking should be respondable, reactable, receivable Speaking in Public Public Speaking should be Audible,

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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar PREPARATION FOR SPEAKING Have Information Always have / collect related Information in Total before Speaking Information should be logical and not Vague Information may be less but real Have Examples and Facts Always have Information with few examples if possible Always have Information with few Facts.

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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar STRUCTURE OF THE PRESENTATION Divide into Segments The Total Presentation or the Material should divided into segments Segments can also be further divided, if required. Each Segment should be treated a an Individual Presentation Co-Relating the Segments The various Segments of the Total Presentation should be Co-related None of the Segments should be isolated Segments can be linked with each other through examples or short stories

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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar CLARITY AND IMPACT Be Clear about the Subject No matter if the Matter is less, but whatever served should be Clear Various points of the Subject should not be mixed up. Give Impact to Subject First clear the subject and then give impact to the subject Impact can be given by Facts and Figures Reinforce Final Message by Visual Aids Final Message – The Heart of the Presentation should be given by Visual Aids (If Possible). Visuals always gives very good Impact to the Listener.

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Prep. By : jc ketan khakharia Jci jamnagar THANKYOU

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