Top 5 Reasons to Know Why a Wheel Alignment goes Bad!


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Many vehicle owners don’t think about their car alignment until they start to notice steering problems. Ask your kestner's mechanic in lexington to know the reasons why a wheel alignment goes bad. Call us today!


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Have You Noticed Any Wheel Balancing Problems? Choose “Kestner Automotive Shop, Lexington, SC ” For Quality Wheel Alignment Services For Your Vehicle! Visit Our Official Car Shop Website:

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Schedule an Appointment Online At Why is Proper Wheel Alignment Important For Your Vehicle ? Does your steering wheel shake when you get up to a certain speed? Does your car ride rough? Maybe sometimes you feel your whole vehicle shake when you are driving down the highway or you are veering off the road to the right or left or both and you feel like you need a front alignment? If these things are happening to you, then it’s time to visit your tire shop to have your car alignment inspected. Make sure, Misaligned wheels can considerably reduce the life of your tires by causing rapid and uneven wear on your tread. You didn't spend a lot of money on your tires for this to occur.

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Let’s Discuss With Our ASE Certified Car Technicians : (803) 399-1514 Top 5 Reasons T o Know Why a Wheel Alignment goes Bad! Unluckily, it’s a fact of life that misalignment just comes with vehicle ownership. Misalignment is when your tires are not pointing in the same direction as the steering wheel and will negatively affect your steering, suspension, and tires. More significantly, it compromises driving safety. Even though misalignment can occur obviously over time, it’s often caused by a specific incident . Hitting C urbs -- Hitting even the smallest curb or a tangible parking divider can be enough to lose your car alignment. Driving too Fast over Speed Bumps – Driving over speed bumps too fast often causes a misalignment . The heavier the vehicle, the more damage can occur in the suspension. Hitting potholes -- The impact of hitting a pothole pushes the wheel—and the suspension—both backward and upward. A severe impact like this, or several smaller impacts over time, can lead to a misaligned tire as well as damage to suspension, shocks, steering, tires, and wheels. Fender benders -- Even a minor fender bender can cause serious damage to a vehicle’s alignment and suspension. The damage may not be visible, but it gets worse with time. Neglect of maintenance – A periodic car alignment service is part of preventative vehicle maintenance. It will enhance your car’s handling and safety, improve fuel economy, prevent damage to vital components, and help extend the life of your tires . Car alignment Problems aren’t always clear right away, don’t wait until your car is hard to handle before understand an alignment service is needed in your vehicle. Keep yourself and family safe on the road trip.

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