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Schedule an Appointment Online At What are the Most Common Causes of Brake Failure In Your Cars? Let’s consider these six common causes of brake failure in cars nowadays: Failure Of Brake Fluid Pressure –  The braking system works with hydraulic air pressure. If there is any type of leak in the brake line, caliper or wheel cylinder, there could be inadequate pressure in the brake line for the brakes to work properly. Failure of Air Pressure – If the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor when it is low, it means the air pressure in the brake line could be the problem. If the pressure drops too low when driving, the vehicle should no longer be driven. Rusty Brake Line – A rusty steel brake line is something that can be found in older vehicles, particularly if they have been bare to years of moisture as well as salt on the roads. Once the line rusts, brake fluid can begin to leak. Leak in ABS Modulator – It’s possible for rust or dirt in a vehicle’s brake system to get into its ABS modulator. This will make it hard for its spring-loaded accumulator valve to close properly. Faulty Power Brake Booster – When the power brake booster is damaged, the driver has to press the brake pedal to the floor for it to work. Water In Brake Fluid –  When brake fluid reaches a high temperature, water will vaporize into steam and the braking motion will not be transmitted to the vehicle’s wheels.

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Let’s Discuss With Our ASE Certified Auto Technicians: (803) 399-1514 What Kind of Problems You May Notice While Using Brake Pedals? Brake light on the dashboard comes on and stays on. Squealing, grinding, or scraping noises. Vibrations or wobbling feel. Fluid leaking. Squishy or soft brake pedal. Car Veers to one side or the other when braking system. Burning smell. Vehicle Bounces up and down when coming to a hard stop A Word of Wise: Don’t delay in scheduling a brake service to inspect your braking system if you start noticing any of the above issues while pressing brake pedals. Regular Brake inspection helps you to keep safe while driving on the road. Your vehicle’s brakes are rather that should be inspected each and every time you take your car in for a regular inspection, so if you have a mechanic that you regularly take your car too, you should ensure they are going over these things. So, Be Proactive when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

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