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Ask your auto shop about how long does Brake Replacement take. Be sure to Schedule your brake service online now. Visit us at Kestner Automotive located at 764 West Main Street, Lexington, SC 29072


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“Your Best Place to have your Brake Replacement to Stop On Time on Road” Kestner Automotive Shop near Lexington SC Visit Our Official Website: www.kestnerautomotive.com/lexington

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Are You Wondering about How Long Does Brake Replacement Take  Frequency of Inspection and Service: It is vital to have a frequent brake service done by a qualified mechanic to make sure that you and your passengers are safe. Most motorists take their cars for brake inspection once a year. Experts advice that it is worthwhile to have your vehicle checked two times a year.  Operating Environment : Driving in urban areas is tougher on brakes because of the traffic lights and the stop-and-go traffic while the countryside and long straight roads are friendlier because braking is less frequent. Similarly steep areas are harder on the brakes since you need to step firmly on the brake pedal to control the speed when going down hill.  Driving Habits : Bad driving habits lead to fast deterioration of the brake pads. To prolong the brake pads lifespan it is advisable to brake smoothly and regularly. Avoid braking abruptly unless it is absolutely necessary for safety.  Brake Materials : The durability of the brakes depends on the material used to make the brake pad and brake rotor. Although carbon-ceramic brakes are the most durable they are rare to find and are too costly. Steel brakes or any other high-quality metal brakes are a great option because they are readily available and inexpensive yet suitable for various driving environments. Let’s Speak with our ASE Certified Auto Experts: 803 399-1514

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Proper maintenance of the brake system of any vehicle is essential because brakes could lead to loss of lives. Auto shops often hear the question "how long does brake replacement take" Well considering that brakes are a standard wear item they will finally need to be replaced. preferably brakes should be replaced after 50000 miles but this can go up to 70000 or as low as after 25000 miles. The question of how long does brake replacement take is best answered by keeping your brakes in top shape by taking the vehicle for professional brake service buying premium quality brake components and practice good driving habits. This way you will not need to replace the brake system every so often. Request an Appointment Online at www.kestnerautomotive.com/lexington Why is Brake Replacement Important for your Vehicle

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