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TIGER HOCKEY 2010-2011 Season

Slide 2:

Have The C ourage T o S tand O ut

Slide 5:

Achieving One Goal is the Starting Point to Another

Slide 15:

It’s the Ability to Work Together that Determines Success

Slide 20:

Teamwork Divides the Tasks and Multiplies the Success

Slide 32:

Believe and Achieve…Always Play like a Champion

Slide 40:

Chances are…Really…All That We Make of Them.

Slide 52:

Only Those Who Climb…Can Reach the Top

Slide 56:

Success…. is Measured By Effort

Slide 63:

Dwell in the Possibilities…and Never G ive Up

Slide 83:

Love the Game……

Slide 84:

…for Everything It Can Teach You

Slide 89:

Values Learned….How to Set Goals,

Slide 90:

Take Risks…and Be a Team Player

Slide 93:

Achieving Success and Personal Accomplishment….

Slide 94:

Comes from Dedication, Determination and Desire

Slide 99:

Reflecting on How Things Could Have Been…It was Worth It In the End

Slide 102:

Give Nothing Short of Your Best Effort…Every Time You Compete

Slide 109:

When All is Said and Done, It’s Not the Shots That You Remember….But the Friendships You Made Along the Way

Slide 119:

Where Did All the Years Go!!

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