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Cottage Lane Elementary Rededication Ceremony June 7, 2013:

Cottage Lane Elementary Rededication Ceremony June 7, 2013 Through the Years

1953-1969 Blauvelt School & News:

1953-1969 Blauvelt School & News

Margo Greggs-Kumpf Class of 1956:

Margo Greggs- Kumpf Class of 1956 “My fondest memories were the playground, peaches from the orchards, and gym class.”

Robert Eck, Class of 1960:

Robert Eck, Class of 1960 "The Cold War was at its peak. We had air raid drills."

Elaine Greggs –Kulakowski Class of 1960:

Elaine Greggs – Kulakowski Class of 1960 “Dr. Salk’s polio vaccine was discovered and tested.”

Gary Johnson Class of 1962:

Gary Johnson Class of 1962 "The world was divided by the Cold War, a show down between the US and USSR.  For children the most frightening part of that confrontation was the threat of nuclear war. "

Catherine DeFlumere, Class of 1965:

Catherine DeFlumere , Class of 1965 "I vividly remember the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I was in Mrs. Stender’s 5th grade class."

1970-1979 Blauvelt School & World News:

1970-1979 Blauvelt School & World News

Patricia DiDomenico-Graff Class of 1971:

Patricia DiDomenico -Graff Class of 1971 “I remember Kindergarten in the old building, rest time on mats, music class on the field singing Rocky Raccoon, and all the great teachers .”

Chyhe Beker, Class of 1973:

Chyhe Beker , Class of 1973 "There were tape recorders in the library and sometimes we got to listen to tape recordings. I enjoyed pushing the buttons."

Maureen Sherry, Class of 1975:

Maureen Sherry, Class of 1975 "Sneaking over the rock wall at recess to run through the woods and get back in time to make sure nobody missed us."

Kristen Pupo Class of 1975:

Kristen Pupo Class of 1975 "We were allowed to sleigh ride during school on the side hill. We had bomb scare drills and walked down to the Greenbush School for safety .”

Edward Regan, Class of 1976:

Edward Regan, Class of 1976 "My favorite teacher rewarded her students that read 3 books with a trip to Carvel."

1980-1989 Blauvelt School & World News:

1980-1989 Blauvelt School & World News

Daniel Ricci Class of 1981:

Daniel Ricci Class of 1981 “When I was in school, I remember... 1980 Winter Olympics Gasoline Rationing Columbia Space Shuttle Three Mile Island Nuclear Meltdown President Ronald Reagan Sony Walkman PCs by IBM & Apple”

Hugh Duffy Class of 1981:

Hugh Duffy Class of 1981 “We did not have any computers in the classroom, and I was the lead in the 3rd grade play, Old King Cole ."

Risa Evans-MacLagan Class of 1983:

Risa Evans- MacLagan Class of 1983 "I loved the playground and the blacktop.  I remember having field day runs around the school and the big Earth Ball .”

1990-1999 Blauvelt School & World News:

1990-1999 Blauvelt School & World News

Jonathan Swartz Class of 1991:

Jonathan Swartz Class of 1991 “My fondest memories were read aloud times, gym class, and playing outside.  The US was at war with Iraq .”

Michelle Noyes Class of 1993:

Michelle Noyes Class of 1993 "The friends I made 25 years ago are ones I still see today.  We did not have any computers in our classrooms."

Lila Inglima Class of 1996:

Lila Inglima Class of 1996 “Trying to be the first person to finish lunch so you could have more time for recess.”

2000- 2013 Cottage Lane & World News:

2000- 2013 Cottage Lane & World News

Laura Jones Class of 2000:

Laura Jones Class of 2000 " We stayed in one class all day where today you switch classes.  Mrs. Schneider was my teacher, and she made school so much fun and amazing."

Martha Reese Class of 2001:

Martha Reese Class of 2001 “I remember the Halloween Parades and the 9/11 Terrorist Attack.”

Elizabeth Harris Class of 2002:

Elizabeth Harris Class of 2002 “A vivid memory was 9/11 and mourning Mr. Fialco's daughter and Dennis P. McHugh. Also, the Anthrax scare made it for a strange Halloween. I remember Mr. Krump standing on his head! ”

Emilia Bertoli Class of 2013:

Emilia Bertoli Class of 2013 "I learned all about the history of Cottage Lane and the world through the eyes of former students.  Thank you, Mr. Yassky for inspiring others to care about the history of this great school."


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