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Kerakoll Water proofing: 

Kerakoll Water proofing Manish Joshi Technical Service Manager Kerakoll India Pvt Ltd

Types of Water proofing: 

Types of Water proofing Tar felt water proofing Bitumen Membrane Brick bat Coba Waterproof (wp) coating Cementitious water proofing Crystalline water proofing Integral Waterproofing Compounds Acrylic Based polymer coatings Protective and Decorative Coatings Injection grouts

Tar felt water proofing: 

Tar felt water proofing Very old system Not a permanent solution Cracks and fails over years Difficult to apply Not compatible with cement sand over layment Expansion and contarction of tar leads to cracking

Bitumen membrane : 

Bitumen membrane Comes in roll form Need flame to install Installation is very tedious and slow Cutting and welding has to be precise work Resists negative hydrostatic pressure Suitable for Concrete surface

Brickbat Coba: 

Brickbat Coba Conventional system Done by unskilled labor No data on performance Fails in 2-3years Costly :increases the load on structure Requires marble mosaic on it

Waterproofing Coating: 

Waterproofing Coating Is the simple bursh coating as per specification in tenders Results not known Applied in covered areas Used in toilets and bathroom Purpose no dampness to be seen on underneath of the slab/floor Not a full proof system

Cementitious water proofing: 

Cementitious water proofing Mostly polymer modified Thickness ranges from 1-2mm It is basically a surface barrier and not actually a true water proof membrane It has no elasticity and tends to crack over a period of time Does not seal shrinkage cracks It will crack as concrete develops shrinkage cracks Not suitable for heavy traffic areas Not suitable for exposure to chemicals Suitable for concrete and masonry surfaces only

Crystalline water proofing: 

Crystalline water proofing Consists of cement, silica sand and chemicals When mixed with water it causes a chemical reaction which results in crystalline formation in pores of concrete Closes all pores thereby reducing bonding for further mortar or adhesive laying Can be applied to concrete only Cannot be applied to smooth mortar surface Requires open pore surface for reaction Highly suitable for negative hydrostatic pressure and for applications such as Reservoirs, Manholes, Basements etc Not suitable for applications such as swimming pool or water bodies where tiling is to be done


Contd Due to chemical reaction between free lime and iron oxide in concrete it may cause efflorescence Not suitable for exposure to chemicals Will crack if the concrete cracks Requires curing for a min of 3 days Rich mixes have very less pores

Integral waterproofing : 

Integral waterproofing Used extensively in last decade It is additive to the concrete are either, pore fillers or water repellants Concrete slabs develop minute cracks due expansion and contraction hence they fail Only useful in case of damp condition

Arcylic based polymer coating: 

Arcylic based polymer coating Advance system used in coating Unbreathable Cracks develop in the system Not for old concrete Data on ablilty to take pressure not known not for ponded water Costly

Decorative and protective Coatings : 

Decorative and protective Coatings They are water repellants used on cladding Not a waterproofing material Not to used on flat surfaces

Injection Grouts : 

Injection Grouts Cheap method Results are not known No guarantee Can spoil the building due to ingress Time consuming

Kerakoll water proofing: 

Kerakoll water proofing Tailor made solution for client Part of a complete Kerakoll system Resists positive and negative pressure Resistance to anaerobic and acid aggression Thin, load bearing and high rated adhesion on the substrates Job proven for over 38 years Liquid, cold applied self curing membrane Requires no water curing Contains no solvents and flammables


Contd Suitable for Drinking water containment Suitable for application on various substrates such as Concrete, masonry and absorbent and non absorbent Tile/Stone can be directly fixed on the membrane Tiling can be carried out in 4-6 hours at 30deg c Flexible and hence does not crack Suitable for continuous water immersion Good chemical resistance Suitable for Industrial applications Easy to apply and clean, saves on labour

Kerakoll Products: 

Kerakoll Products Idrobuild Idrobuild Osmocem Idrobuild Sl Idrobuild Guitoflex 160 Idrobuild Rinforzo

Idrobuild : 

Idrobuild ELASTIC MINERAL WATERPROOFING PRODUCT – The IDROBUILD® technology ensures impermeability and protection for all hydraulic engineering works designed to resist anaerobic and acid aggression of the terrain, continuous abrasion caused by flowing water, for permanent immersion and the containment of drinking water. The elasticity, the occlusive interstitial crystallisation and the compactness of the micro-components used in IDROBUILD® ensure a superior degree of impermeability to water also in the presence of high, positive-negative pressure. .


Contd INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR SUBSTRATES The IDROBUILD® technology ensures impermeability in balconies, terraces, swimming pools and shower cabinets before direct laying of ceramic tiles with SAS (Shock Absorbing System) Technology adhesives.IDROBUILD® ensures rapid, secure waterproofing of old terraces, avoiding any requirement for onerous demolition work


Contd GUARANTEED LONG LIFE – The durability of the waterproofing process in IDROBUILD® is ensured by the high levels of resistance to ageing and by its inorganic, mineral nature. A mix of silicate microparticles, flexibilizing co polymers and mineral reactive agents with a low water soluble salt content complete the chemical structure of IDROBUILD®, ensuring effective elasticity and resistance to chemical/environmental aggression of the waterproofing

Idrobuild osmocem: 

Idrobuild osmocem STRUCTURAL MINERAL WATERPROOFING PRODUCT – The IDROBUILD® OSMOCEM- Technology ensures impermeability and protection for all hydraulic engineering works designed to resist anaerobic and acid aggression of the terrain, continuous abrasion caused by flowing water, permanent immersion and suitable for the containment of drinking water. The osmosis, the occlusive interstitial crystallisation and the compactness of the micro-components used in .


Contd IDROBUILD® OSMOCEM ensure a superior degree of impermeability to water also in the presence of high positive/negative pressure.GUARANTEED LONG LIFE – The durability of the waterproofing process in IDROBUILD® OSMOCEM is ensured by the high levels of resistance to ageing and by its inorganic, mineral nature. A mix of silicate micro-particles with pozzolanic action,waterproofing polymers and reactive mineral agents with osmotic action and interstitial crystallisation complete the chemical structure of IDROBUILD®OSMOCEM, ensuring effective compactness and resistance of the waterproofingcompound to chemical-environmental aggression


Contd FLEXIBILITY OF USE The technological superiority of IDROBUILD®OSMOCEM is also ensured by high levels of workability during levelling of rough and uneven surfaces and subsequent waterproofing. On-site testing confirms its suitability for use as a levelling or waterproofing product, with the sole variation of mixing water.

Idrobuild sl: 

Idrobuild sl GUARANTEED PROTECTION – The IDROBUILD® SL technology guarantees the protection from meteoric water of all absorbent materials commonly used in the building industry, creating a waterrepellent layer with high contact angle surface tension. IDROBUILD® SL with water-drop effect resists to alkaline environments and ultraviolet radiation, guaranteeing long-lasting protection against chemical and environmental attacks.


Contd NATURAL EFFECT – The high penetration, permeability to vapour and the total absence of film-forming layers prevent any colour change in treated surfaces, thereby making IDROBUILD® SL ideal for protecting and safeguarding monuments and historical buildings.


Contd WATER-BASED – IDROBUILD® SL water emulsion is free of volatile organicsubstances and does not give off fumes that may be harmful to humans or to the environment. It can be safely used with no contraindications in indoor environments. It does not alter the colour of materials treated, making harmonic its use used on old walls or architecturally important walls. It canbe easily applied by spraying it onto any type of absorbent masonrystructure.

Idrobuild Giuntoflex 160: 

Idrobuild Giuntoflex 160 GUARANTEED WATERPROOFING – The IDROBUILD® GIUNTOFLEX 160 technology guaranteesthe watertightness of any connection joint between building elements or waterproof coverings. The use of high-tech, thermoplastic SEBS components coupled with polyester filament nonwoven fibresmakes IDROBUILD® GIUNTOFLEX 160 capable of resisting the most extreme thermal and mechanical.


contd SUPERIOR ELASTIC INTERVAL – The greater thickness, the UV-stabilized Styrene Ethylbutlyene Styrene (SEBS) polymers and the differentiated reinforcement sections inIDROBUILD® GIUNTOFLEX 160 ensure the superior elastic deformation, that is essential in the creation of waterproof expansion joints.


Contd FAST, SAFE APPLICATION – IDROBUILD® GIUNTOFLEX 160 is a preformed, pliable and highly practical tape which guarantees the creationof joints and shells by means of a simple cut and immediate heat-sealing.Apply the product directly to the edges of the joint to be waterproofed with the technological epoxy system KERABUILD® EPOADESIVO

Idrobuild rinforzo: 

Idrobuild rinforzo LONG-LASTING REINFORCEMENT – The IDROBUILD® RINFORZO technology guarantees longlasting,elastic reinforcements integrated within thin waterproofing layers, in connection renderings and when using cement-based adhesives to lay coverings. Made with cross-woven, high-tech PES component microfibres, IDROBUILD® RINFORZO guarantees the two-directional elasticity, total integration and correct level positioning thanks to the ease-of-laying in any application. The levels of physical and chemical resistance of IDROBUILD® RINFORZO confer a longer life even in the most critical of environments.


Contd SUPERIOR ELASTICITY AND STABILITY – IDROBUILD® RINFORZO creates reinforcements with superior elasticity and control of dimensional stability by way ofthe polyester microfibres that are extremely resistant to alkaline environments.Themi cro perforated woven mesh ensures the continuity and cohesion of the reinforced material thereby guaranteeing improved performance characteristics.


Contd IDEAL FOR RECONSTRUCTION WORK – The ease and speed of laying make IDROBUILD® RINFORZO very simple to use in restoration work, where surfaces can be renewed without the risk of microfractures forming during levelling, rendering or waterproofing.

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