DVLA to NI private number plate transfers

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Find, buy and sell private number plates direct from Plates4less, VRM Swansea. We sell personalised number plates owned by clients, previously unissued DVLA personalised registrations, previously unissued DVLNI private number plates and our own stock of private car number plates.


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Private Number Plates: Mainland UK to Northern Ireland:

Private Number Plates : Mainland UK to Northern Ireland How to transfer private number plates from mainland UK to N.I www.plates4less.co.uk

I’m From Northern Ireland - Can I Buy a DVLA registered Number Plate?:

I’m From Northern Ireland - Can I Buy a DVLA registered Number Plate? The answer is yes, of course! Private number plates that originate from mainland UK start out on V750 certificates of entitlement.  These certificates show a person’s rights to display a registration mark on their vehicle, provided they don’t make the car look newer than it is, and anyone from inside the UK is free to buy one (or several - they make great investments!) for themselves. However, if the receiving vehicle is registered in Northern Ireland, you will be unable to register the private number plates directly to their car . www.plates4less.co.uk

But I’m From The UK - Why Can’t My Plates Go Straight On? :

But I’m From The UK - Why Can’t My Plates Go Straight On? At the moment, assignment of private number plates is handled by two separate authorities: - The DVLA in mainland UK And - The DVA in Northern Ireland. The reason that you cannot assign mainland UK private number plates straight onto a Northern Irish vehicle is that the two authorities’ systems don’t hold the relevant data for each other’s unassigned registration marks ( i.e private number plates that have yet to go on a car).   Marks that are first issued with the DVLA aren’t in the DVA’s database to start with, and vice versa. www.plates4less.co.uk

So How Can I Put DVLA Private Number Plates Onto My Car? :

So How Can I Put DVLA Private Number Plates Onto My Car? It’s simpler than you might think ! While private number plates from the mainland can’t be transferred from certificate to Northern Irish vehicle, they can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. This means that if you have access to a friend’s mainland registered vehicle, you can apply via the DVLA to put the private number plates on his/her car for the time being (making their car a donor vehicle of sorts), and then go through the DVA to apply to move it from their car to yours in Northern Ireland for a fee of eighty pounds. Once the private number plates are registered to your car, your friend should get their regular number plates automatically reassigned. www.plates4less.co.uk

Is There An Easier Way?:

Is There An Easier Way? Definitely!  If you don’t have access to a mainland vehicle you can borrow, then www.plates4less.co.uk offers a straightforward service that will ensure you get your chosen private number plates onto your car with minimal effort.  Here’s how the process works : Call Plates 4 Less on 01792 477 316 and purchase your private number plates over the telephone. Wait for your confirmation pack to arrive with its request for vehicle documents prepaid envelope and send them in to us when you’re ready. Wait roughly 4 to 8 weeks as Plates 4 Less carry out all the legwork involved in assigning the private number plates to a donor vehicle and then liaising with the DVA to move them onto yours. Receive a written request from the DVA for your tax disc. Receive your new vehicle documents bearing your chosen mark. Fix your private number plates to the car! www.plates4less.co.uk

How Much Will It Cost? :

How Much Will It Cost? We always advise that you give our experts at Plates 4 Less a call to get a quote, but as a guideline, our extra fees on top of the price of any previously unassigned private number plates should be: Donor vehicle service - £100 Second government transfer fee - £80 Administration fee - £27.50 We like to make our prices as transparent as possible, so if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call.  We love to talk! www.plates4less.co.uk

Are There Any Rules I Need To Know Of?:

Are There Any Rules I Need To Know Of? Most private number plates from mainland UK carry age indicators in them, so when shopping around, make sure your car is new enough for them. The DVA and DVLA will not allow anyone to display plates on their car which will make it look newer than it really is. Nominee names - when buying a registration number, you will be asked for the receiving vehicle’s registered keeper’s name (i.e. the name shown in the car’s log book).  This will be for the first vehicle it goes onto.  So if you are using a friend’s car as a donor vehicle, it will need to be their name that you use. www.plates4less.co.uk

Need More Information?:

Need More Information? Got a few more questions? We’d be happy to help! Visit our site at www.plates4less.co.uk for frequently asked questions and several useful tools. www.plates4less.co.uk

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