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Valuing a Private Number Plate:

Valuing a Private N umber P late How to accurately assess the value of your private plates

Isn’t Age Just A Number? :

Isn’t Age Just A Number ? When it comes to valuing your private number plate, the older it is, the better! Dateless style private plates (issued from 1903) generally have the highest value – these can go on vehicles of any age. Current style private plates generally have the lowest value – these can only go on vehicles of the same age or newer. The same is true of suffix and prefix style plates Some prefix private plates are worth more than others e.g. E and F plates (rarer) Dateless - £££ Current style- £ Dateless - £££

So, Is An Older Private Number Plate Rarer And More Valuable? :

So, Is An Older Private Number Plate Rarer And More Valuable? Generally, yes! The number of private plates issued at any given time influences the value Dateless private plates are more rare as they were not issued after 1963, are more distinctive, and can be assigned to a vehicle of any age Northern Irish style plates tend to be cheaper as they are readily available. A Northern Irish private number plate can also go on any age vehicle, which is handy. However, these registrations always contain an I or a Z which can bring down their value. The rarity of a name/word match also impacts upon the value If there are lots of private plates that spell the same word as yours does, it will reduce the value A few examples of Northern Irish registration marks

My Private Number Plate Has A Common Name On It – Is It Not Worth Much? :

My Private Number Plate Has A Common Name On It – Is It Not Worth Much? Not at all! Popular names and initials are among the most sought after private plates! Common names and initials are in high demand Other popular words such as car makes/models are highly desirable Popular words for private plates are first names, surnames, and words associated with industry, sport and nicknames.

Top 10 Searches For Private Plates :

Top 10 Searches For Private Plates These are some of the most frequently searched-for words when our customers are looking for a new private number plate: SAM DAN BMW CHRIS MARK LEE JON TOM PAUL AMY

Words, Words, Words - What About The Numbers? :

Words, Words, Words - What About The Numbers? Numbers matter too! In a private number plate, lower numbers tend to add to the appeal – single digits add the most value as they keep private plates short and memorable! Repetition ( e.g 111, 222, 333)can also add value. Numbers that can be substituted for letters also make a difference as they increase the availability (and decrease the rarity) of certain words/letter combinations, e.g. 4 = A, 5 = S. So, as an example: 54M = SAM Popular significant numbers also are highly desirable ( e.g 007 to add a more Bond-like vibe top your private plates!).

What About Letters?:

What About Letters? ...and the individual letters – they matter too! Popular initials add value to private plates. Some combinations are rare (due to popularity, limited combinations released etc). Some dateless combinations were released twice, e.g. JS, whereas some were only released once making them incredibly rare – and consequently owners of this kind of private number plate much with a few more pounds in their pocket! Most popular initials:   AJB SB AJM JB SJB JS MC JC AC SM

So... How Much Is My Private Number Plate Worth? :

So... How Much Is My Private Number Plate Worth? Simple. Get out there and compare! Market trends can help you set a good price Comparison with similar plates will help you place your plate within a value framework NOTE: Get an average valuation for your private number plate from a variety of sellers as some will be biased about their own stock’s value!

Some Handy Tips To Remember::

If you want to increase your chances of selling your private number plate, price yours a bit lower than similar alternatives If you can’t find similar private plates, that could be a good thing – your plate might be rare! If the lack of similar plates means that you are struggling to price yours, look at plates that provide the same level of match quality for a particular word, for example, A1 LEE provides as good a match for ‘Lee’ as A1 SAM does for ‘Sam’ Remember – listed prices are not always achieved. Many people price their plates knowing that they will get lower offers – don’t set the price too high as you might put people off! Now you know how to value your private number plate, you can set a good price that will attract potential buyers! Some Handy Tips T o R emember:

Why Not Use Our Free Seller Service? :

Why Not Use Our Free Seller Service?

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