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Robotics plays a major role in the manufacturing landscape today. We create better quality advanced robots for the automation industry. Kensington Labs is based in Dublin known for building powerful and precise arm robot machine suppliers for complete automation needs. Kensington Labs has the premier solutions to meet your industrial needs. Our arm robots are capable to deal with efficiency, flexibility, and throughput. The robots are designed ergonomically to increase productivity and reduce labor costs.


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Arm Atmospheric Robot Machine Supplier:

Arm Atmospheric Robot Machine Supplier


Who We are A robot made by robot’s user , for easiest integration to your present process . We can provide a full range of robot solutions . We can customize a wide variety of robots to meet the different needs of our customers . We not only sell robots, we can make robots according to customers’ needs . We can design and make the robotic machine.


Robot & Accesory 1 Kensington labs offer all kinds of arm robot (4 axis arm robot; 6 axis arm robot; sorting arm robot). High precision arm robot, can completely replace manual operation, complete mechanical action, save labor costs. Also, We are not only arm robot supplier, we can design all kinds of robotic machine. We can customize the Robotic machine according to the different requires of our customers. Kensington Labs offers pluf + play components for collaborative robots that are easy to use even if you dont have any background in robotics


Robotic Machine Made By Our Robot What can you do with our Robotics Product's? Free your co-workers from repetitive tasks, improve their motivation and health, all while growing your business. 4 Wide Performix EFEM 3 Wide Performix EFEM 2 Wide Performix EFEM


CONTACT US Sales – Kensington Robots & Stages, Newport PM500 Stages, Spare Parts Service - Kensington robot and stage repairs, Newport PM500 stage repairs Kensington Laboratories, LLC 6200 Village Parkway Dublin , CA 94568 Phone: 510.324.0126 Fax: 510.324.0130 Our Toll Free Number 1-888-977-7800

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