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Can you separate the Valentine’s Day related facts from the fiction?


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Youth Ideas: Valentine’s Day True or False:

Youth Ideas: Valentine’s Day True or False Can you separate the Valentine’s Day related facts from the fiction ?

PowerPoint Presentation: Resources Valentine Heart shaped pieces of paper or Index cards and pens (or pencils)

PowerPoint Presentation: What to Do Let everyone write four statements about themselves on the heart related to Valentine’s Day. (They can be in any order, but three must be true, and one must be false.) People should be encouraged to make the false statement sound plausible to make it more fun. (The clever ones will use something true about someone else in the group in order to mislead the group about the author’s identity .)

PowerPoint Presentation: In this Valentine’s Day variation of a classic icebreaker, the statements should relate to Valentine’s Day or romance / love : Write down four things you have received or given your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Write down your four favorite love songs. Write down four things you find romantic. What happened on your four most memorable dates ?

PowerPoint Presentation: The Valentine’s Day Hearts are then distributed randomly to the participants. As each person receives a heart, he or she will read the statements out to the group that are written on it. The group tries to decide which statement is false and the identity of the person who wrote it. Once the group guesses the correct person, the next person reads his or her heart until all the hearts are completed.

PowerPoint Presentation: Take It to the Next Level What are some of the things our hearts reveal about us? What are some of the things the Bible teaches is about our hearts? Is honesty important in relationships? What are some of the potential consequences of dishonesty? What are some of the other essentials for a good relationship? What are some of the Biblical guidelines for relationships? How can we restore relationships that have been damaged by dishonesty ?

PowerPoint Presentation: Action Point Make a point to be truthful in your relationships and to do those things that will make them last !

PowerPoint Presentation:

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