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This is just a short presentation on the Filovirus family of Diseases that I created for a college projec


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Filovirus :

Filovirus By Kenneth G odden

Table of contents:

Table of contents Filovirus definition Were they come from Ebola Marburg Treatment Prevention

What is Filovirus:

What is Filovirus The term Filoviruses belong to a family of viruses called Filoviridae All members of this family can cause severe Hemorrhagic fever in humans and non human primates Only Two members of the this family have been Identified so far Cases of outbreaks are rare but the death toll is high There is no treatment for the virus only treatment for the symptoms All members of this Family are highly infectious through blood, Saliva, sexual contact and even sweat.

Ebola :

Ebola Rare and often fatal illness caused by infection from the Ebola Virus First discovered near the Ebola river in the Democratic Republic of Congo The virus kills 80 – 90% of its victims Victims usually die from renal failure and severe bleeding It kills quickly and it usually burns itself out before it can spread a long ways. Outbreaks tend to only happen ever 20 years In October and November of this year The CDC reported an outbreak in the African countries of U ganda and The Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola Symptoms (Stage one):

Ebola Symptoms (Stage one) Symptoms of this virus are often confused with malaria or Typhoid Fever Sore throat Weakness Severe headache Joint and muscle aches Diarrhea Vomiting Dehydration Dry cough Internal and external bleeding Rash Hiccups

Ebola symptoms (final stage):

Ebola symptoms (final stage) Vomiting Dehydration Dry cough Rash Severe Internal and external bleeding Hiccups Tongue swelling and bleeding Epileptic seizure causing the victim to spray and spread infected blood all over Death follows quickly after

victims stage one :

victims stage one

Final stage :

Final stage

Death :



Marburg This virus was the reason the filovirus family was created Like Ebola it is extremely rare and potentially deadly The Death rate is about 25%much lower than its deadly cousin The disease was named after the City of Marburg Germany were the Virus was first discovered in 1966 The first cases of this virus were two lab workers in Germany that handled green monkeys from Uganda In August of 2012 the CDC reported a potential outbreak of Marburg in Uganda and The Democratic Republic of Congo

Marburg Symptoms :

Marburg Symptoms The symptoms of Ebola and Marburg are the same and the only way to tell if someone has Marburg instead of Ebola is to take a blood sample and look at it under A microscope

Complications for survivors of Marburg and Ebola:

Complications for survivors of Marburg and Ebola Recurrent Hepatitis Hair loss Blindness Decreased immune system HIV Infections Blood clots Heart failure Kidney failure Survivors of the disease also run a greater risk of contracting the virus again because of their week immune systems

Treatment for Ebola and Marburg :

Treatment for Ebola and Marburg Both of the viruses have no treatment for the virus only supportive treatment for the symptoms A vaccine is being researched but so far no progress has been made They also found that ultraviolet and Gamma radiation both kill the virus but it is expensive and hard to transport the equipment to infected areas. The only treatment most patients get is Oxygen and blood pressure regulation as well as hydration and fever controll .


Prevention The best way to prevent infection is to wear proper protective equipment such as masks, gloves ect. While working with the infected or around the infected Avoid eating primate or bat meat of questionable origin avoiding casual sex while in an infected area No personal contact with the infected this includes handshakes and kissing Proper sanitation in areas were infected blood or body fluids came into contact Isolation of suspected victims

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