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Interview Calls:

Interview Calls After you hand out your resume and fill out job applications – guess what’s going to happen?! You’re going to get calls from employers who are interested in hiring you. Be ready! Have excellent communication etiquette a.k.a. – your manners matter !! Start answering your phone in a more mature manner. Don’t respond to calls with “yeah, yo or what’s up?!” Make sure that callers can leave you a voicemail if you are unavailable. Change your outgoing message to be informative and polite – not the latest Beyoncé song. Speak with the caller in a friendly and polite manner. Thank them for calling you and say that you are very excited about the opportunity to meet with them in person. Be prepared to schedule a meeting, make sure that you write down when, where and who you will be meeting. Also, write down the caller’s name and contact information in case you need to change the appointment.

But…what do I say? Preparing for Interviews:

But… what do I say? Preparing for Interviews Interviews are about 2 key things: making a good impression and demonstrating that you will be the best for the job! 4. Get ready to rock that interview meeting Dress for Success: make sure that you are appropriately dressed and well groomed. Unless you’re applying at a fashion-forward place, this is not the time to show off your personal style – basic is better! Tune-up your non-verbal cues: did you know that over 50% of our communications is non-verbal. We tell other people things without even speaking! Watch your body language, behaviour and facial expressions. Listen carefully! It’s important to pay attention and hear the interviewer’s questions appropriately to make sure you are giving the best possible answer.

Shine like a STAR!:

Shine like a STAR! Sometimes when we get nervous, it’s hard to remember what say. Try this trick to answer interview questions more effectively! Give your answers in a STAR story format. S T A R Situation: tell the interviewer what was happening, how and why you were involved to make them understand the context. Task: explain what you were asked to do or the type of problem you were facing. Actions: Highlight your abilities by outlining what actions you took to solve the problem or effectively perform your duties. Result: describe what happened because you took action and how the problem you faced was fixed.

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