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Subject Pronouns

What is a subject pronoun? : 

What is a subject pronoun? A subject pronoun is a personal pronoun that can be used as the subject of verbs.

English Pronouns : 

English Pronouns I I am Claudia. You You are from Venezuela. He, She, It She is Mina. He is my classmate. It is a dog. We We are friends. They They are from Venezuela. You All* Where are you all from? *(addressing more than one person)


SPANISH SUBJECT PRONOUNS Yo (I) Tú (You) friend, relative, someone your age Usted (You) teacher, adult you’ve just met, someone you show respect to

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He, she él (male) ella(female) We nosotros (group of males including yourself or a mixed group) nosotras(group of females including yourself)

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What subject pronoun can be used in place of the italicized word in each sentence. (nosotros, él, ella) Manuelo and I somos de Brazil. Juan es mi amigo mejor. La muchacha es una compañera de clase.

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They ellos (group of males or mixed group) ellas (group of females) You all ustedes (formal or informal)

What does the verb ser mean? : 

What does the verb ser mean? TO BE

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Yo soy Tú eres Él, ella, usted es Nosotros, nosotras somos Ellos, ellas, ustedes son

When to use ser : 

When to use ser Basic characteristics Origin Occupation Time

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