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VIDA VERDE IS THE NUMBER ONE ROOFTOP BAR IN MIDTOWN NYC is the home of spectacular rooftop bars and when it comes down to the selection of drinks you can always find something special to go with whether it is a delicious craft beer a tasty mixology or any other drink there is something perfect to choose. While there is a variety to go check out one rooftop that will truly remind you of NYC’s magnificence is the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant. Vida Verde is a wonderful themed offering amongst these rooftop bar midtown NYC this Mexican bar is known for its welcoming setting a beautiful tavern-vibe and delicious dishes and craft cocktails that makes this watering hole one of the best rooftop bars in midtown.

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Vida Verde mixes the hospitable Mexican vibe with a contemporary New York setting that makes this place a sought-after destination for a true spectacular drinking experience. Perched in the heart of midtown the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant has been able to garner the attention of both New Yorkers and tourists serving nothing but authentic crafted cocktails in a fabulous setting. You can check the menu for delicious craft cocktails and find something that suits you perfectly they have the delicious signature cocktails tasty mixology’s and many more tasty collection of booze. This fabulous Mexican restaurant is not only known for having a delicious collection of craft cocktails but they also have some of the tastiest cuisines you can ever find in midtown their selection of dishes covers everything from the contemporary Mexican delicacies to some fresh delicacies and recipes from New York you can start out your bottomless brunch with a delicious ceviche or try out the tasty tacos tortillas and the guacamoles. Guacamoles The Vida Verde Mexican restaurant serves the most delicious guacamoles you can find in midtown.

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In case you are also a big fan of the delicious margaritas you can check out their menu for some of their tastiest margaritas they have a variety of tasty margaritas with an array of flavors to choose from so what’s more Are you also looking for an inspiring setting You can come over to the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant and have the best experience this Mexican rooftop bar has an inspiring Mexican setting with an original graffiti painted wall that makes for the perfect ambience. At this authentic Mexican watering hole you can also host some of your favourite occasions this Mexican outdoor bar in midtown is the perfect destination to host any type of private events whether it is a birthday event an official meeting or any other occasion you can always come over to this restaurant and host that perfect event they have the best outdoor patio in midtown and other facilities. The Vida Verde Mexican restaurant is perched in midtown west of 248 street so if you are looking to come over for the best experience you can always stop over for a tasty bottomless brunch the happy hours and any other event at this restaurant this Mexican outdoor patio midtown nyc opens on Mondays to Wednesdays by 11 am to 4 am and also on Thursdays to Sundays by 11 am to 2 am. So be sure to stop over for a true breathtaking experience

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