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VIDA VERDE HAS THE BEST OUTDOOR PATIO IN MIDTOWN NYC If you’re in New York City and find yourself hungry around midtown west neighborhood you have a variety of options and thankfully there are different Mexican watering holes to choose from. In case you are looking for that spectacular Mexican spot to enjoy a delicious dish you can always come over to the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant. Vida Verde Mexican restaurant is a top-notch Mexican spot to enjoy delicious Mexican meals and some of the best international cuisines. You can start out a delicious brunch here with the delicious homemade guacamoles or the tortillas and if you are looking for an authentic Mexican drink you can always go with the delicious margaritas. You can enjoy the intimate and cozy atmosphere of this spectacular rooftop bar while you savor your favourite authentic Mexican delicacy the menu comprises of popular Mexican dishes like the tacos loaded guacamoles and more flavor-filled dishes. This uptown Mexican outdoor bar in midtown focuses in serving authentic Mexican meals and they also incorporate

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some of the finest cooking ingredients in their cuisines you can always feel the original taste of Mexican spice and taste for every bite you take. One thing you will also come to love about this Mexican rooftop bar in midtown NYC is the sensational Mexican feel you get during your stay the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant has a genuine cozy setting and the original artworks are all reminiscent of Mexican culture. When it comes to craft cocktails the Vida Verde restaurant holds the number one spot for a spectacular craft cocktail their cocktail program is a perfect blend of Mexican’s style and NYC’s popular cocktail list their menu also places a huge focus on mescal and tequila so you can be ready for a really breathtaking experience. At the Vida Verde Mexican restaurant they also have the best outdoor patio midtown nyc and the lively setting of the pub makes this watering hole the best rooftop bar in midtown for that

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special event of yours you can make reservations for your favourite events and be ready to have the best occasion in NYC. The Vida Verde Mexican restaurant also has some delicious signature cocktails so if you are looking for original signature cocktails like Vida Verde Fake News and Bad policy you can always get that specially craft cocktails. So when next you find yourself in midtown hell’s kitchen you should take a quick hop to 248 west where you will find this spectacular best rooftop bars midtown and be ready to have a blast

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