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Strapline – This will include the names of famous artists to show a sense of recognition, they also present extra information about the magazine. The names of the artist instantly pulls the audience in as they will want to know more about the artist. The masthead is usually at the top of the page and it creates the “brand image” this will make it instantly recognizable for the audience The feature article line is always larger then the rest off the text and dominates the page, this technique is used because the editors hope it will sell the magazine. The central imagine is usually a close up or mid shot, this will be the person the feature article is based on. I would like my cover model to be gazing into the camera because this comes across as welcoming and creates a bond between the magazine and the audience. The cover line advertises the main articles in the magazine and this attracts the audience. I will be making the colours of the cover lines quiet bright in order for them to stand out. Puff plugs are used to promote extra things inside the magazine, I will be using them to promote things such as quizzes and horoscopes. The date and barcode usually in the corner of the page this is to inform the audience the price of the magazine which will be around £3-4. Front cover


Contents page. This will be an image of the music artist who the feature article is based on, this is used to remind the audience of what they can expect in the magazine. These will be page numbers and minimal text informing the audience what is going to be on the other pages. There will also be quotes from the feature article to further draw the audience in. Here I will be using a QR code and this will allow the audience to scan it with there smart phones an fin out further information about our magazine such as what they can expect in the next copy.


This is where it will tell the audience who the article is about. Here will be a mid shot of the model not looking away from the camera, the picture will relate to the text . Here will be an interview with the artist and there responses to the questions. This will be more text on the artist an some background information on them Double page spread. This is where I will put a pull quote from the interview, I will put this in italics and bold. Here will be another image of the artist with there full body facing toward the audience. This will be further text on the artist, and some questions and answers.

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