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Master Chan Lee discusses marketing techniques.


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Face To Face Marketing Really Does Work! : 

Face To Face Marketing Really Does Work! Master Chan Lee Discusses Marketing Techniques

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One of the great things about the martial arts industry is that there’s not a lot of people doing martial arts training nationwide. We have a vast array of people we can encourage to join martial arts.

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An enormous amount of money in the martial arts industry is wasted on non face-to-face marketing. Most of these advertisements produce little or no results.

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Always track your results with either a different web domain or phone number so you can track a particular advertising to see if it really worked or not.

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Face-to face marketing includes getting the parents of your students involved in a martial arts program. Getting the parents out on the mat with their child is a great way to get parents involved.

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Invite the parents to a special event and give them a free trial of classes so they can help their child to improve while also improving themselves.

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It’s a long-term sales process but it’s really about sharing martial arts with their child. A child whose family is involved in martial arts, is more likely to get a black belt.

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The key to bringing in new students to your school is about being proactive and talking to parents and students about the benefits of joining your martial arts program.

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