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A presentation to the workshop on social media for readers, as part of the 2012 Emerging Writers' Festival.


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Social media for readers Emerging Writers' Festival Yarra Libraries Kelly Gardiner

What is social media?:

What is social media? A network of online communities Places to find people who share your reading interests Points of contact with authors, reviewers, booksellers and publishers Different platforms for different tasks and interests Great source of information and reading suggestions An ongoing conversation – many conversations.

Where to start?:

Where to start? Many communities and services, but start with: Goodreads Facebook Twitter Pinterest Book blogs YouTube.


Goodreads A huge database of books and readers You can review or rate books Add books, set up bookshelves and lists Join groups or discussions Integrated with Twitter and Facebook (if you choose) Join up with friends (new or real) Get reading recommendations Includes author profiles, chats Grab a widget for your blog or website Check out LibraryThing and Shelfari too.

Facebook :

Facebook Broad demographic, especially young people Groups eg genre, fans of particular books Pages eg Sisters in Crime, authors Authors may have a page ('like' it) or a profile (subscribe) Fun groups eg Hogwarts Groups and pages allow people to engage with each other Ensure your own privacy and security.


Twitter Broad demographic, not so many kids Ignore celebrity fusses Conversation with other writers, book people, readers Follow people who post useful or interesting stuff: writers, booksellers, publishers, journals, bloggers, festivals Follow conferences, events or themes via hashtags Have links to great resources delivered to you If you want to tweet, keep your stream interesting and readable You don't have to say anything at all.


Pinterest Greater proportion of women users Visual pinboards You can set up bookshelves Follow people or boards, comment on pins Browse themed categories Search for authors, books, topics or boards Look out for authors, publishers and booksellers Some copyright issues: acknowledge source.

Memes, events and challenges:

Memes, events and challenges These happen across all platforms Meme: a theme that everyone takes up, eg In my mailbox (a list of new books just arrived) Challenge: a shared reading challenge eg Australian Women Writers 2012 across blogs, Twitter, facebook (#aww2012) Chats: real time online chats on topics, eg #YALitChat on Twitter or chats with authors on GoodReads Events: follow discussions and updates from awards, conventions, conferences via Twitter or Facebook, eg #ewf12.

Book blogs:

Book blogs Too many to count! May be corporate (eg newspapers, magazines, publishers) or semi-pro or amateur bloggers, reviews or news or discussion Search out those that match your interest Follow or subscribe for updates Use Google Reader Comment and converse Now often integrated with other social media You can start your own.


YouTube Great for engaging kids and teens Author interviews, appearances, vlogs Book trailers Film and TV adaptations Publishers, media, reviewers, some authors have channels: you can subscribe Search on author's name or book title Make your own book trailer (try Animoto).

Let's test Twitter:

Let's test Twitter Use a meaningful handle plus your name Profile photo or avatar Profile blurb that makes sense (you can edit your profile at any time) Search for an author or topic Follow some good people Search for #ewf12 Tweet!


Tweeting 140 characters (including hashtags or names) Search for people or organisations eg @emergingwriters , @yarralibraries Replies go to your followers and the person Retweets go to your followers Hashtags are themes or events eg #EWF12, #qanda, #steampunk Hashtags are arbitrary and can have dual meanings or in different languages

Who to follow:

Who to follow Search for writers you admire Search on related hashtags or keywords (eg scifi, #YAlit, #reading, #Fridayreads #fantasy, ) @emergingwriters EWF Artists 2012 list members Your local bookstore, your favourite publishers, agents, media and journals See who they follow and who follows them Look for Twitter or Facebook follow buttons on blogs or websites Check their feed for quality – try them out If someone is boring, unfollow or hide them

How not to annoy people:

How not to annoy people Be yourself but be polite Don't say anything you wouldn't say to an author or fellow reader in person Retweet/share good stuff Share your own thoughts If reviewing, think about the author's intent, not just your emotional response Give others something to engage with (eg not just “love this” or “hate this” or “OMG!!!”)

Management tools:

Management tools Allow you to manage several profiles in one place Allow cross-posts (use judiciously) and scheduling Better for following hashtags and lists Tweetdeck Hootsuite Subscribe to blogs through Google Reader iGoogle dashboard (Google account for log-ins) Use Tweetchat for events

More to explore :

More to explore Which book inside a dog Library Thing Reading groups and book clubs Your local library (eg Yarra Libraries ) World libraries Media (eg Guardian books ) Booksellers

And now?:

And now? Play, explore, engage Seek out the communities that inspire you Have fun – read lots. Any questions? Ask me any time: @kmjgardiner

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