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Presentation Description With a process like aluminium machining which relies so heavily on complete accuracy, the quality of the machines doing the work is absolutely paramount. “Aluminum casting parts, aluminum die casting, aluminium die casting, Die Casting”


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Why Use Aluminum Die Casting Zinc Die Casting Or Magnesium Casting In March 1999 CNM tech a Die Casting Company was founded to fulfill an urgent need of a local electric motor distributor. A 6000 square foot building was constructed and ...CNM Die Casting started production in September 1999 with four employees as a supplier of zinc die casting Aluminum die casting. The machines used were at that time state of the art. But increasing business and new technical innovations soon made them obsolete. From the early leadership of our company founders and in particular the late Bob President and Co- founder the need for adaptability in the market place was quickly recognized and supported by Bobs strong emphasis on creativity and innovation in all aspects of our business. The company purchased its first new zinc die casting Aluminum die casting machines in 1999 and today the plant boasts 15 conventional zinc machines Aluminum Casting machine 7 miniature high-speed machines and 20 aluminum machines. Focusing on prevention of defects rather than the traditional detection of rejects CNM Aluminum casting parts China Company employs the use of tools and procedures such as Shot-Monitoring Systems Control Plans Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.

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Bob Wu President and CEO and his innovative management team maintain the 31 year old emphasis on creativity and innovation along with a total commitment to excellence. We can assure you the best quality product and service at the most competitive price in the industry. Today CNM aluminum die casting factory currently employs 50 associates with a facility of 19000 square feet including 12000 square meters of manufacturing capacity on ten acres in the China Industrial city. We operate 2 shifts 24 hours a day and with the implementation of a 4th and 5th shift concept we have the capability of 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Design engineers should consider the use of the die casting when one or more of the following apply: • A large number of identical parts are required • The parts must be accurate • Good dimensional stability is required • Long service life is required • The part must withstand continuous temperatures up to 300F. • It must have a tensile strength of 24000 psi or more and a shear strength of 15000 psi or more • The part requires electrical and/or thermal conductivity. • The part requires EMI/RFI shielding capability. • Several small components made by various methods can be combined into a single die casting. • To eliminate a host of machining operations. • A high strength/weight ratio is necessary. • Recyclable. Over 95 of the aluminium die casting produced in North America is produced from recycled aluminum. This is good for the environment. Recycling consumes scrap and recycled aluminum requires approximately 5 as much energy to process as primary aluminum.

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