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E-Sponsibility Netiquette and Cyber Bullying:

E- Sponsibility Netiquette and Cyber Bullying By: Kelli Rogerson


Definitions Netiquette : “the code of conduct regarding acceptable online behavior“ Cyber Bullying : " aggravated harassment transmitted through technological means, such as emails, text messages, cell phone communications, pagers, or social networking websites"

Why is netiquette important?:

Why is netiquette important? The internet has a profound influence in the majority of people’s lives. Understanding netiquette is essential for successful/productive internet usage. Cyber space still qualifies as the real world.

“Rules of Netiquette”:

“Rules of Netiquette”

Netiquette  Cyber Bullying:

Netiquette  Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying often begins with poor netiquette. Conversely, cyber bullying can be partially prevented by netiquette education.

Consequences of Cyber bullying:

Consequences of Cyber bullying Victims often face: low self-esteem, violence, increased school absences, eating disorders, depression, and suicide . Cyber bullies can often face harassment charges, juvenile delinquency, and jail time.

Phoebe Prince :

Phoebe Prince 15-year-old high school sophomore Irish Immigrant Suicide: January 2010 in Massachusetts 6 high school peers charged with harassment


Change Massachusetts legislature passed anti-cyber bullying laws in Phoebe’s school district. Phoebe’s tragedy serves as a “showcase” to the devastating effects of cyber bullying.

Current Practices:

Current Practices There are several active committees and organizations with a common goal of preventing cyber bullying. Some of these include: 1)Committee for Children 2)Nickelodeon

Spot Light: Nickelodeon:

Spot Light: Nickelodeon “The Big Help” Quiz: “Are you Cyber Bully Savvy?” Cyber Bullying Prevention Commercials

Nickelodeon’s Commercial :

Nickelodeon’s Commercial

That’s a Wrap!:

That’s a Wrap! Netiquette is essential in our every day lives when navigating the internet. Understanding netiquette and following “the rules of netiquette” can help to prevent cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a very real problem that can be reduced by people taking action to promote change.


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