Electric Injection Molding Machine advantages


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Electric Injection Molding Machine advantages

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Electric injection molding machine saves energy is that they only use the energy that is needed for the job that is being run. Another benefit of electric injection molding machines over hydraulic is that with no hydraulic pumps valves tanks etc. the unit has far lee parts to maintain and can be serviced very easily. The injection molding machines are very quiet when running.

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I think it’s more efficient to used electric injection molding machine because these is much better solutions. This type of injection machine has been growing in popularity not only because they’re clean room compatible but also because they use dramatically less energy like I said before.

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Electric injection molding machines offer other benefits as well like: 1. Accuracy repeatability and consistency – electric machines are digitally controlled and mechanically driven. Their processes cant vary over time since they have to expand no valves to potentially stick and no hydraulic fluid to heat up or compress. 2. Higher part quality - With a more consistent machine the same process setup can be used repeatedly without affecting part consistency or quality.

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3. Lower cost per part - produce faster cycle times because of independent clamp/injection functions. 4. Lower operating costs - Whether small or large all-electric machines dramatically reduce operating costs using 50 to 80 less power than equivalent hydraulic machines.

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Plastiwin.com is the trusted vendor of electric injection molding machines for thousands of companies worldwide. They provide on selling only highest quality and reliable equipment and machines. You have come to the right place to meet your production and budget needs.

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Rich experience in export: one-stop solution including a dismantling of machines loading moving customs clearing many agents cannot the clear custom for used machines shipment assembling and commissioning of machines. • All machines can be powered on for test-run. All machines can be viewed under one roof in our warehouse. • Quality assured: All machines parts are checked thoroughly including pumps toggle screw barrel oil seals ball bearing and platen.etc. • Any defective parts are repaired or replaced if beyond repair.

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used electric injection molding machines: https://goo.gl/1UPQlI

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