Best Ingredients in Korean Skincare Products

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Best Ingredients in Korean Skincare Products Whenever we meet new people they may not notice our fancy clothes nor our striking footwear. But they do see our skin. It gives off different impressions toward the people around us conveying not only our physical fitness but also our mental well-being. The way our skin glows naturally also reflects how emotionally healthy we are. In our world today everything changes quickly in a blink of an eye especially what’s trending in the cosmetic and beauty industries. With the help of mainstream media these big businesses have imprinted various standards of beauty among men and women of different ages. Experimenting with different chemicals and agents the cosmetic and beauty industries always spice up the consumers with the latest fad in their newly designed products. However not everything they release to the public succeeds. Some products fail due to risks these pose to health in the long run. In light with this several ​Korean Skincare Products ​have addressed this issue and caught the attention of the customers increasing their popularity as good alternatives due to natural ingredients for youthful and vibrant skin. To let you know more about our handpicked actives please continue reading as we briefly discuss two best ingredients found in Korean skincare products we need to look for to obtain smooth and healthy skin. 1. Antioxidants A lot of Korean skincare products take pride in containing a lot of antioxidants. In layman’s terms antioxidants along with free radicals are highly reactive and unstable molecules that scavenge harmful chemicals in the body. In effect they may also work to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the skin. Looking for skincare products that contain antioxidants can make our skin smooth while also taking into consideration the following added benefits: - Aging Collagen is one of the proteins in the body responsible for the skin’s elasticity. Breaking down of collagen due to oxidative stress brought by aging manifests fine lines and wrinkles loose skin acne and freckles. With antioxidants as one of the ingredients these can help fight against the different signs of aging providing a more radiant glow to our skin. - Sunburn Too much exposure to the sun may give us our perfect tan but this also leads to sunburn. Sunburn is an inflammatory reaction of the damaged skin due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Luckily antioxidants possess an anti-inflammatory property which helps provide soothing protection.

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- Skin Repair Repairing the skin is automatically done by our bodies. But some antioxidants like Vitamin C can aid with the body’s reproduction of collagen for skin repair and rejuvenation. - Skin Tone People often wonder why we have different skin tones. And the answer to that lies in one chemical in our skin the melanin. Melanin is a pigment in our skin responsible for its colour. Varying amount of melanin in the skin causes the difference in skin tones amongst people. However its unnatural and excessive increase in the body due to extreme sun exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation the abnormal darkening of the skin. With the action of antioxidants these can help reduce uneven skin tones and dark spots. Antioxidants are indeed a must ingredient to a product for added protection and benefits. If you are in the cosmetic store looking for a new skincare product to add to your beauty regimen always take into consideration to read first the list of active ingredients in the label for guidance. And look for the following: Vitamins A C and E Glutathione Flavonoids Polyphenols Niacinamide and Co-enzyme Q10. 2. Aloe Vera From Aloe vera soap shampoo cleanser toner moisturizer and sunblock you name it and Korean skincare products have it. Indeed Aloe vera has become one of the most used active ingredients nowadays in cosmetic and beauty industries. But what is Aloe vera Aloe vera is a herbal plant widely abundant around the world. It contains various natural healing properties within itself commonly used throughout traditional medicine. One of the characteristics of this plant is its high water content. With this the application of aloe vera facilitates hydration in the skin which is significant to achieve smoother skin. Furthermore aloe vera has a water-locking property which enables water to stay longer in the skin. Hence keeping the skin hydrated. People popularly use Aloe vera for its hydration action. However it also has other beneficial properties. One of these is its antimicrobial property which helps fight against acne-causing bacteria in acne-prone skin. Aside from this it also contains specific amounts of salicylic acid an active ingredient that aids in eliminating blackheads and whiteheads from the skin thus leaving it with a smooth texture. BOTTOM LINE: Everyone loves to have that youthful and radiant glow As much as we can we spend bucks to purchase products that perfectly match our skin type and regimen. We believe that these products help us in achieving our goals. With that we must be extra careful with what we buy and choose wisely the products that are safe to us. We must be wary of the harmful

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chemicals and pick natural alternatives. After all our skin mirrors our overall health to the world around us. And it is our responsibility to maintain its smooth and glowing ambience.

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