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Single Room : 

Single Room A room with a single cot (42”x78”) and for a single person.

Double Room : 

Double Room A room with a Double Cot (49”x78”; 54”x74”) and meant for 2 pax.

Twin Room : 

Twin Room A room with two single cots (39”x76”; 38”x74”) for two pax.

Triple Room : 

Triple Room Triplet A room with three cots for three pax. Or a room with one double cot and an extra cot.

Double Double : 

Double Double A room with Two Double Cots for 4 pax. It is also called a family room or a twin double.

Quad : 

Quad A room with Four cots for 4 pax

Inner Room : 

Inner Room A room that faces the courtyard

Outer Room : 

Outer Room A room that faces away from the hotel and has a separate entrance. The guest do not need to enter the Lobby.

Corner Room : 

Corner Room A room situated at the corner of the hotel (corridor).

Suite : 

Suite Two rooms such as Living room and a Bedroom interconnected. This is a luxury Room, and it is for a single/double pax and a single/double cot.

Junior Suite : 

Junior Suite A room half partitioned as living room and as a bedroom. This can accommodate single or double pax.

Efficiency Room : 

Efficiency Room A suite with a kitchen

Presidential Suite : 

Presidential Suite The most luxury suite, where you receive everything. The best possible furnishing and decoration are used in this room. The bathroom will also have the best possible sanitary fitments in it.

The Living Room : 

The Living Room

The Living Room : 

The Living Room

The Bath room : 

The Bath room

The Fitness Room : 

The Fitness Room

The Bed Room : 

The Bed Room

The Dining Room : 

The Dining Room

The Study Room : 

The Study Room

The Jacuzzi : 

The Jacuzzi

Duplex : 

Duplex Two room on two successive floors interconnected with stairs. Living room on the lower floor and bed room on the next floor.

Penthouse : 

Penthouse A suite situated on the terrace of the building.

Solarium : 

Solarium A room which gets direct or indirect sunlight.

Parlour : 

Parlour A room that has no bed and it’s a room where the guest can sit chat and have their drinks and snack.

Studio Room : 

Studio Room Two rooms. One used as a bed room and the other is used as a living room in the day and at night it is used as a bed room. It has a sofa-cum-bed

Cabana : 

Cabana A room next to the swimming pool, where you have only sofa or place to sit and rooms with shower.

Lanai : 

Lanai Lanai is an Hawaiian term for Veranda. It is a room that would normally be facing a scenic view.

Hollywood Twin bedded Room : 

Hollywood Twin bedded Room A room with twin beds with one head board attached.

Hospitalityroom : 

Hospitalityroom A room where the hotel guest entertains his/her own guest.

Interconnected Room : 

Interconnected Room Two rooms interconnected with a door. These rooms would be used as single room on off season and used as two rooms on Season.

Handicap Room : 

Handicap Room A room for the physically challenged person. All the fixtures and furniture's would be easily accessible for him/her to handle and use.

Layout of a Floor Pantry : 

Layout of a Floor Pantry They are located in each guest floor. Stock Linen, guest and cleaning supplies, and maid’s cart, guest loan items (rollaway beds, cribs, and bed boards). It is situated next to the service elevator Away from the guest view. Shelves and Cupboards. Sink (Hot and Cold water) It should always be locked Linen Trolley A notice board

Guest Corridors : 

Guest Corridors It acts as a connector – service elevators, guest elevators, staircases, and fire exits. Doors should not open directly facing each other. Educate Lighting. Good Ventilation. Corridors may be double-loaded central corridors or single-loaded side corridors.

Acknowledgement : 

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