Commonly asked questions about Generic Cleocin.

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Generic Cleocin( ) is a bacteriostatic type of antibiotic. Actively composed of Clindamycin, it helps in treatment of variety of bacterial infections. Commonly asked questions will help in safe and effective usage of this medication.


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Commonly asked questions about Generic Cleocin

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What is Generic Cleocin  It is a bacteriostatic antibiotic belonging to class of drugs known as lincosamides.  Clindamycin is the active constitute present in Generic Cleocin.

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What is its mechanism of action  It stops the growth of bacteria by preventing them from reproducing.  This is how you get rid of the infection.

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When does the action start and how long does it last  The action of this medicine starts within 60 minutes post oral consumption.  The effect of this medicine lasts for a duration of four to six hours on an average.

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Who should avoid taking this medication  Generic Cleocin should not be consumed by pregnant ladies.  It should also be avoided by breast-feeding mothers.  Those who are allergic to its active constituent also should avoid taking this medication.  This medication should be used with caution in older people.

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Are there any side effects of this medicine  Dizziness  Diarrhea  Increased thirst  Muscular pain  Pain in joints

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