Kids Birthday Cake for a Pool Party


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This is step-by-step visual guide to creating a fun kids birthday cake for a pool party.


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Cake Decorating for a Pool Party Birthday Cake : 

Cake Decorating for a Pool Party Birthday Cake

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Pool Party Calls for Pool Cake I created this cake for a pool party that was to be attended to by boys and girls ages 5-12. Everything (except the slide) is edible on this cake. The kids went crazy waiting to eat one of the kids floating in the pool. The hardest part of this cake was the planning and time spent making each of the kids floating in the pool. When decorating cakes for kids, I always try to make it fun. So, although it was time consuming, I decided to make each kid unique with facial expressions, hair color and more.

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Twin Tower Rice Krispie Treats The slide towers were quite easy to make. I used a lot of rice krispie cereal to make rice krispie treats that I rolled into the tall towers. The towers were covered with fondant. Then, I accentuated with buttercream icing around the base and with the ladder.

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Creating the Cake Layout I had to get a long piece of plywood to hold this cake. It wasn’t tremendously heavy, but I needed the space so that the slide would look great. Birthday cake ideas can drive you to do some crazy designs, but this was fun.

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Starting the Pool Cake This was a large cake, even though it doesn’t look like it from this picture. The outline of the pool was cut with wax paper, then I simply spread my frosting outside the pool shape.

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Finishing the Base I switched up colors and created blue icing for the pool and spread it roughly over the suface. I used chocolate rocks to outline the pool which tasted great when eating the cake.

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Final Decorated Cake Placing the individual kids was easy. I actually ran out of space because I made too many. To see more of my cakes and cake decorating tips and advice, visit

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