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Nail the style of the season wearing these Bomb shorts from KDW Apparel. They are designed with absolute perfection and will keep you at ease whole day long. They are soft against the skin and are a delight to wear. Team them with tee for a cool gym look or pair with a top for a fun-filled outing with friends. For maximum comfort and mobility, these bomb shorts are just perfect. For more visit at


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Let this summer be the summer of positivity We have been conditioned to believe in society created body image insecurities. We run after thinner body at the cost of our confidence, self-esteem and sometimes even our health.


While this issue is deeply ingrained, there is a wave of positivity around with many celebs coming out and owning their insecurities. We can safely say that is change is Work in Progress.


So this summer, we want you to shed your insecurities along with layers of clothes to feel the cool air of positivity.


Celebrate your body Whatever your size, zero or eight, embrace it. Whatever your body shape, pear or apple, embrace it. Whatever your skin tone, fair or dark, embrace it.


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