Nail the style of the season with our Bomb Shorts


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Nail the style of the season wearing these bomb shorts from KDW Apparel. Designed with absolute perfection, these shorts feel soft against the skin and will keep you at ease. Make versatility your game as you wear these shorts. Chic and trendy, these make an excellent choice for sweltering daytime outing. These shorts will amp your gym as well as casual look while keeping you at ease all day long. They are even perfect to wear at the beach!


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While we love trends, a wardrobe is incomplete without the staples. They are the items you go to for completing your look or when you dread a fashion faux pas. From those beautiful summer sandals to stylish shades, they are the essentials every summer closet must have. So if you want to up your game this summer season, here is a list to guide you through the must-have summer staples so that you can have your most trendy season ever.


SUMMER SANDALS Let your feet breathe this summer in fun and stylish sandals. From barely there naked sandals to espadrilles there are plenty of spring and summer shoe trends to choose from. Whether you are a minimalistic or OTT, you will not be disappointed with the sheer number of options available.


KDW BLACK JUMPSUIT Experiment with your casual look by getting this stylish and comfortable traveler jumpsuit from KDW Apparel. It is lightweight, trendy and a must have. You will look fashion-focused and have a relaxed comfy style. Our KDW Apparel traveler Jumpsuit is just perfect for a relaxed day-out. Trendily gorgeous is what you would look wearing this beautiful and chic jumpsuit. It is suitable to wear at the beach, traveling, or your next yoga class.


A COTTON OUTFIT The summers are tough. With their onset and heat waves, it is important you wear the right fabric. Cotton dresses, shirts and skirts which have enough room for air to circulate are appropriate for summers. Easy breezy light-weight cotton trousers are must have bottoms. Go for lighter colors to beat the heat.


SHADES Don’t forget to take care of your eyes in this scorching summer heat. When you go summer shades shopping, you can either go for the classics or you can choose from the season favorites. Either way, it’s important to know what suits your face. Get it right and no one can stop you flaunting that swag.


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