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Every woman looks dashing in this beautiful and chic jumpsuit. It’s beyond flattering on all body types. Perfect for short, medium tall and curvy women. The flowy fabric makes it easy to wrap and put it in your purse to wear out on beach or in your yoga class. And it’s the most comfortable and stylish travel style on the planet. Every woman feels beautiful in the Traveler and you will spark attention when wearing it out.


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The Fashion trendsetters have declared the 5 trends that will take over the closets of cool girls in 2019. JUMP SUIT An innovative trend that we are thanking the Fashion Gods for are stylish and equally comfortable versions of overalls which provide the perfect versality . You can dress the jumpsuit up or down. Add a belt and a jacket to underline its unique style. The jumpsuits are here to elevate our style to new level of chic, comfort and practicality. And guess what they are not only practical but also, we are for sure loving this trend. Check out KDW Apparel jumpsuit, The Traveler. It’s a definite must have and the fabric is so flattering and comfy.


NEO-TAILORING The athleisure trend is slowly gaining pace in the millennial world. And now the office wear is becoming a pleasurable mix of formals and athleisure i.e. oversized shirts, slouchy suits… you get the drift. Dubbed as neo-tailoring, the concept is to attract millennials to wear suits the way they like- comfortable and cool.


THE MUTED COMPETITOR: BEIGE This muted shade has been embraced warmly by all millennials . Yes you heard it right, Beige family is in trend this season. Now you must be wondering how a color as dull as beige can be in trend. The new wave of Beige color includes a range of neutral shades from oatmeal to sand. If head to toe beige is a little too much for you, try adding pastel shades to make it pop.


THE CRAFTY SIDE The crochet, macramé and craftwork are the must have textile trends in your wardrobe this season. The minimalist retro trend of crochet is back with a bang. Now I don’t blame you if you think crochet is not fun and boring. But trust us the millennial version of Crochet will definitely catch your eye whether it is shoes, bags or a bikini.


FAUX IT UP Say goodbye to real leather and welcome the faux version with wide arms. You can try faux leather pants or a dress or a chic top. If you are little skeptical and don’t want I-can’t-get-my-leather-pants-back-on moment, try KDW Apparel Disco Vogue Leggings which have a faux leather look. They are like blue jeans, the older they are the better they look. These leggings will morph into a perfect leather like look.


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