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This cozy and stylish light grey pullover hoodie wrap is a perfect choice on cold winters on your way to the gym, Pilates or Yoga. This hoodie is also perfect for the sorority girls on college campuses. The gorgeous hoodie will look awesome paired with your favorite KDW leggings or skin-tight denim jeans. Made with the softest woven blends of loop terry, this dashing pullover has a black draw string and thumb holes to keep your sleeves in right place while keeping your hands warm. Hence the experience of warmth accelerates the desire of tremendous attention in the crowd. https://amzn.to/2Xv3kX4


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If there is anything that freezing weather in the past few weeks has done is heighten our desire to indulge in summer wardrobe. The trends that will rule the Spring/Summer 2019 have already been decided thanks to Fashion Week. So if you want to be ahead of the game, here is what you need to own.


STATEMENT BAGS From classic totes to blingy clutches, these babies have got the game. No woman has ever been able to resist the charm of a beautiful handbag. There are several options to go for – from stern pocket bags to fun feminine bags. If your style is more conservative, go for neutrals like black, beige or tan. For casual bags, you can sport a splash of colors.


NEUTRALS It is safe to say neutrals are raking in votes this year. From makeup to genderless ensembles, neutrals have seeped in almost everywhere. There is a certain hassle-free sophistication about soft neutrals like oatmeal, off-white and beige. The color palette looks chic, elegant and expensive. Monochrome neutrals are here to stay this season.


CORAL Looking for next color to invest in? Coral has been declared the color of 2019 by many fashion fashionistas . You will see this color being channeled in all sorts of ways. Meaning red carpet looks to athleisure , coral will pop out like anything. Girls put your fashion foot forward and get yourself something orally.


NEON After years of drooling over pastel shades, vibrant hues are back with a bang. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, these shades exude a certain kind of confidence. To be honest, everything else looks flat and boring next to a zesty shade. It is loud and super eye-catching. For those who think, it’s hard to pull off, slowly introduce the color in your wardrobe.


TIE-DYE A print that is little unexpected but more nostalgic is the Tie-dye. This 60’s print is going massive this year and trust us 2019’s take on tie dye is much chic than the past. The Tie-dye 2.0 has translated to skirts, jackets, tops, tees and what not. Both high-end brands and affordable brands have started incorporating this childhood staple in their choices. And with celebrities in the tow, this print is here to rule.


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