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By: Mr. B. del Rosario 1st Quarter BIOLOGY Paref-Southridge School BIODIVERSITY BIODIVERSITY


refers to the variety of species in a specific area increases as one moves toward the equator (WHY?) BIODIVERSITY

Why is biodiversity important? : 

Why is biodiversity important?

According to ecologists… : 

According to ecologists… …without it, we will not survive.


BIODIVERSITY supports many basic natural services for humans, such as fresh water, fertile soil and clean air helps pollinate our flowers and crops, clean up our waste and put food on the table

Loss of Biodiversity : 

Loss of Biodiversity

Threats to Biodiversity : 

Threats to Biodiversity Habitat loss Habitat fragmentation Edge effect Habitat degradation Water pollution Land pollution Exotic species

Habitat Loss : 

Habitat Loss

Habitat Fragmentation : 

Habitat Fragmentation

Edge Effect : 

Edge Effect

Habitat Degradation : 

Habitat Degradation

Water Pollution : 

Water Pollution

Land Pollution : 

Land Pollution

Exotic Species : 

Exotic Species

Exotic Species : 

Exotic Species

Conservation of Biodiversity : 

Conservation of Biodiversity Conservation Biology – study and implementation of methods to protect biodiversity Legal Protections of species Preserving habitats Habitat corridors

Conservation of Biodiversity : 

Conservation of Biodiversity Working with people (park rangers and the like) Reintroduction and species preservation programs Captivity Protecting plant species

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