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Music Music Project Kayla Grady Music Project

My most favorite type of music.:

My most favorite type of music. My most favorite type of music is Rap (R&B; Hip Hop; Rap). I love rap music because it has a beat that is fun to listen to. It also has good rhythm. The people who rap have a lot of skill and it is hard to talk so fast and to a beat and it amazes me. I like to make up my own rhymes and try to rap them out. I have friends that can put my words into a beat. I find this fun and relaxing. Lil’ Wayne and Em inem are some of my favorite rappers. Click here to hear Space Bound by Eminem. This is one of my favorite songs by Eminem. Speakers going hammer by soulja boy

How Rap Music came to be…:

How Rap Music came to be… Rap is a fusion of many different genres of music. No one person can actually say that they were the “inventors” of rap. People believe that DJ KOOL HERC was to be the “father of rap” because he put words into the break section and there are no words in the break section. Others like to say that AFRIKA BAMBAATTAA was one of the “founding fathers” of rap music. No one really sways against the decision that DJ KOOL HERC was the first noted rapper there is because he was the first to record a rap record. Information obtained from: hhtp://

Yes, I am a METAL HEAD!:

Yes, I am a METAL HEAD! Another one of my favorite types of music is Heavy Metal. I was born and raised with my dad listening to band like AC-DC, Metallica, System of A Down and many more. I am more into the more modern type of rock that I can relate to. A lot of the old legendary things like Ozzy Osbourne are still In my modern top five but I really do prefer the newer types of rock music. I play the drums and I like to listen to the solo and pick it up and see if I can play it on my drums or electric guitar. So far so good. I was born a metal head and I will die one! Shinedown ,Staind, Theory of a Deadman and Three Days Grace are just a very few of my favorites! Click here to hear Change by Staind. Another really good song.

This is some just really good music it includes rap and rock music.:

This is some just really good music it includes rap and rock music. Please by Staind (rock) Life wont wait by Ozzy Osbourne (rock) Dow on me by Jeremih and 50 cent

Where did heavy metal and rock come from?:

Where did heavy metal and rock come from? Many blame the “King” Elvis Presley. Others blame Popular entertainer Jimmie Rodgers for the start of rock and roll music. If one year had to be said as ROCK’s BIRTHDATE it would be in 1948 when Elvis Presley and Pop culture took over. Many different types of music such as blues and jazz were put together and mixed with different cultural backgrounds to make rock. Elvis Presley was one of the first to see this and make music out of it. He created a whole new type of music that was entered into society as a new popular type of music. Today Rock music has changed immensely. There have been new twists and modern developments added to the creation of Elvis Aron Presley to form today's modern rock music. Obtained from: “The King” Elvis Presley

My least favorite type of music.:

My least favorite type of music. My least favorite type of music is Classical music. When I hear classical music I just want to fall asleep and then when I do they get louder and it wakes me up. I don’t know anyone who does enjoy classical music. It has no beat or rhythm that is entertaining. It also does not have any words. It is just boring. Classical musician Mozart… and Beethoven

Why in the world do we have Classical Music?:

Why in the world do we have Classical Music? Classical music originated in Western Europe and was popular in Italy. The first composer of classical music known was Henry Purcell. He was the first to write and play his own piece. Other greats include Beethoven, Bach, V ivaldi, Mozart etc. all of these people were the most known for being an original classical musician. Information obtained from:

Another of my least favorites:

Another of my least favorites I really do not like Opera music. Is it even music at all? When they say the expression “when the fat lady sings” they mean it literally. I think that it is annoying. People go up on stage dressed in really weird outfits and take a really deep breath and then scream! The earth starts shaking and glass starts breaking and then they stop. I know that a lot of the time they scream in a different language like Greek or something but I don’t even think that the Greek can understand because it is so high or low pitched but then it is loud to make your blood run cold. It scares me. It is all quiet and then a blood curdling scream comes bursting out of no where and then I am stuck with a headache! I just don’t like it.

Who in their right mind would invent opera?:

Who in their right mind would invent opera? It originated from the ancient Greeks in around 800-100BC.they developed dramatic versions of tales and myths. It included singing and dramatic chanting the scriptures of the Holy Bible and there were tales that were old such as Jesus on the Journey to Jerusalem and many others. All were not religious however they could be elaborate versions of folktales and folklore. It is now an Italian and Greek art. Information on this page was Obtained from this site. ???

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