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Early Florida History:

Early Florida History Florida Special Report Notes 8 th Grade History

The First Floridians:

The First Floridians About 10,000 years ago the earth began to cool, and this period is known as the Ice Age Most of the earth’s water was frozen in huge ice sheets called glaciers These glaciers froze up so much water that the sea levels were 350 feet lower than they are today Florida was much larger in land than it is today, and animals migrated into Florida to avoid the ice The earliest Floridians were nomads , or people who move from place to place in search of food These people made weapons of stone and hunted Mammoths and Mastodons By the 1500’s Native Americans had developed a complex civilization, and Florida was home to many Native Tribes Florida was home to the following tribes: Timucua and Apalachee who lived in North Florida and were farmers Tequesta who lived in southern Florida and gathered food from the land around them Tocobaga who lived in the Tampa area who hunted and farmed


NATIVE AMERICANS TRIBES: Seminole Indians Calusa Indians Tequesta Indians Apalachee Indians Timucua Indians

Seminole Indians: :

Seminole Indians: View these sites to learn more about Seminole Indians:  

Calusa Indians:

Calusa Indians View these sites to learn more about Calusa Indians: https:// http://

Tequesta Indians:

Tequesta Indians View these sites to learn more about Tequesta Indians. https:// http://

Apalachee Indians:

Apalachee Indians View these sites to learn more about Apalachee Indians http://

Timucua Indians:

Timucua Indians View these sites to learn more about Timucas Indians. http:// http://

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