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By: cnipp3173 (147 month(s) ago)

Great job! Most of them pics i have not seen before. Love you PAPA!

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William Monroe Gibbs : 

July 29, 1942 – October 13, 2007 William Monroe Gibbs

Slide 5: 

The Army Years

Slide 13: 

Then Came The Family

Slide 22: 

Grandchildren The apple of his eye

Slide 27: 

Families stick together…

Slide 28: 

…through …

Slide 29: 

… the years

Slide 31: 

He loved his naps …

Slide 32: 

…. and he taught his children well.

Slide 33: 

Always working, working,

Slide 34: 

And working,

Slide 35: 

But still found time to play

Slide 37: 

Charlotte the love of his Life

Slide 39: 

Happy together til the End

Slide 41: 

Your are loved and we still miss you.

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